Tuesday, August 8, 2017


Is Wisenheimer involved?

A currently high profile public figure is considering relaunching her troubled political career after being dogged by a past that includes kitchen hand work, alleged beneficiary Fraud, disadvantaged motherhood status, failed McGillycuddie Serious candidate,  unsuccessful  Aotearoa Legalise Cannabis Party candidate and currently a very biased and unfair attack from a misinformed public  over so far unsuccessful hopes for advancing the financial status of all Beneficiaries. Some opponents are even questioning an apparent incompatability between her work as a Commercial Lawyer at Simpleton and Gruesome at the time she became a lister, with current political upheavals

A possibly linked name change has Wisenheimer leading the thinking.

Next, Metro, Womans Weekly, and Horse and Hound are competing for rights to an upcoming in-depth article as part of the relaunch, with H&H said to be  favoured.
That magazine  having abandoned a previous themed expose on turning unwanted horses into pet food being obstructed by SPCA followers threatening a nationwide boycot of the Magazine that served Will Thackery so superbly with Anna Scott nearly two decades ago.


Anonymous said...

and your point is.............

gravedodger said...

Try pathetic attempt at a fairy tale, they seem to be in vogue just at present.

Humour gene recessive I am guessing.

At least I have mastered the ID function.