Saturday, August 12, 2017


Even Helen Clark in her more desperate moments resisted bringing The Melons into executive roles.

With more and more useful idiots crying out for a NEW direction by adopting GP c2017 covert communist policy desires, Me Tu gave the NZ voters a clear unequivocal heads up as to their actual unsuitability to be in government.

Stuff reports the Green  Party have rejected an overture from Kennedy Montrose Graham to be readmitted to caucus. One of only two current MPs with sufficient regard for the rule of LAW to demand the resignation as Co Leader  of Me Tu following her appalling admission of law breaking two decades ago.  Still arrogant and sans any admission of wrong doing in her desperate to feed her spawn activities, committing multi year, multi offence  frauds of gaining benefits by deception.
It took a threat from a normally very supportive RNZ checkpoint researcher seeking her comment, to make her see the lies had become too great in dragging in  her "Family ".  Close people she was so cavalier about tossing under a Bus about to be revealed by some who had had enough before she elected  to remove her ample arse from the next Parliament.

Now the people wait to see how Joe and Josephine Voter see it.
Clendon and Graham have their characters largely intact if not enhanced.
Jimmy 'Two Mums' Shaw is another matter entirely, fight with pigs in mud and getting very soiled is assured

ps on a related matter,  guess who popped up again on state TV infotainment last night for a third night running, none other than a very recognisable but as yet untainted by Me Tu's disaster, Red Russel, ex Banana Bender Communist. What would be the odds of that, come in  "Staffy". (Mark Stafford delivers odds in rugby match buildups)

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The Veteran said...

Up until the Turei affair I thought James Shaw reflected the acceptable face of the Greens. Not any more. His handling of the situation; his denial, his fiddling while the Greens burned has marked him as an empty vessel.

Graham and Clendon came out of this with their reputations intact/enhanced (OK, the really, really, really, really true believers excepted). Does anyone (with the same caveat) consider Shaw has?