Thursday, August 31, 2017


Well yes they can and this time they are.

A Carpark puddle impersonator gets seventy thousand signatures on a petition to have Mike Hosking replaced as moderator, facilitator, or what ever he is to be described as, for TV One leaders debate and rightfully so the management at the state TV channel tell them to bug off.

Now should they have appointed John Campbell, very unlikely as he is contracted to rival outlets, it may have persuaded them he was fair and balanced but for me and an unknown number of potential viewers he would be as undesirable as the puddle's supporters see Hosking to be.

There are no longer any in media who do not reveal a bias in the minds of most, it is just how it is c21st century.

In the light of numerous instances of bias emanating from those fronting media reporting it will always be a problem but for those seventy thousand morons to waste their time and effort in a failed attempt to tell a state owned media outlet who they appoint to be their representative in the debates where the ratings war continues daily is naivety in the extreme .
No surprises though that is how the socialists think, bullying, manipulation of the agenda and screeching are their weapons of choice when they have already been found wanting in intelligence.

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Pirate Complains About Being Hanged From The Yard Arm

The WSJ reports that the brave anti-whaling activist pirate Paul Watson has declined to give his attention to the Japanese whaling fleet as it goes about its lawful business in the Southern Ocean.

Why is this so?

Because, at last, Japan has decided to send it's navy along to ride shotgun on the whaling fleet.

The activists ship Bob Barker is to be officially renamed "All Piss And Wind.'

Elf n Safety Now Discriminates.

Fonterra Tankers are modern vehicles designed for safety.

The seat restraints are designed to safely hold a driver secure in the event of a crash.
The restraints are apparently attached to the seat which in turn is held in place secured to the Cab floor.

Recently during an investigation of options available for drivers who found the seat belts too tight there was a maximum gross weight the design was calculated to successfully restrain and it was for a driver with a laden weight of 150 Kilograms. Any weight greater than that could cause the whole seat assembly to break loose and be rendered somewhat less than satisfactory in its intended purpose.

So Fonterra following Elf n Safety needs to keep its work place safe, placed a maximum gross weight for drivers at the 150 Kgs recommended by its vehicle supplier and informed the drivers if they weighed in over the limit they would be withdrawn from driving and offered alternative duty.

Now 150 dressed is quite big even for taller humans, the current All Blacks are headed by Retallick at 123 Kgs.
!50 Kgs is very large and allowing for an average height it is difficult to sustain and be healthy so why a claim such a directive is discriminatory, defies belief.
Suggestions in the interests of health and staying alive, any driver so disadvantaged take the opportunity to do something that their body really wants and lose the weight,  take a job that assists,  as sitting on the lard for the hours they do is so not safe in so many ways.

Now about those who choose to fly and end up sitting on my seat to my discomfort, how about a maximum weight and shape for airline passengers, in the interests of Elf N Safety of course, those seats and restraints will be similarly designed.

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Two Vacuous Airheads

In 2008 the US media elevated into office a smooth talking vacuous airhead who did immeasurable damage to the United States, domestically and internationally.

In 2017 the NZ media is set upon elevating into office a smooth talking vacuous airhead who will do immeasurable damage to New Zealand, domestically and internationally.  (Already, she has damaged NZ's relationship with Australia by allowing Chipkins to facilitate an ALP attack on the coalition's deputy leader.)

There has been absolutely no media scrutiny of her plans and policies, if she has any other than those which came to her in a dream the night before.

  • Why does she need so many new taxes when the economy is running currently at a healthy surplus?    
  • How often does she speak to Helen Clark?  Every day, every week?
  • How is it that the same bunch of incompetent ne'er do wells who surrounded Andrew Little suddenly have become brilliant achievers upon her ascent to the leadership?

I wonder whether Ms Ardern will need a teleprompter when she speaks to a group of primary school children?   Does she know what language is spoken in Austria?  Does she know how many major islands constitute NZ?

Talking of ne'er do wells, do you remember this lot from last time round? Their respective achievements are listed in brackets.

Benson-Pope (tennis champion,)
Field (helping his constituents,)
Samuels (hotel hall pisser,)
Hodgson (chief dirt digger,)
Hughes (boy rapist,)
Mallard (assaulter,)
Carter (over-sensitive runaway poofter,)
Harre (for hire to the highest bidder,)
Dyson (drunk,)
Horomia (it was Burger King, not MacDonalds,)
Hobbs (Fijian election monitor)

It Just Got Serious

The WSJ reports North Korea this morning fired an ICBM across Japan to land in the Pacific Ocean.

This represents a major escalation in he region and leaves me wondering whether the Norker Porker really wants to be attacked by the US and its local allies.

I'll be most interested to observe China's reaction to this latest folly.


The Saffa  refugee's father figure sometimes referred to as 'Barely Sober', is convinced the information leaked to the media on Winston First and his latest rip off of public money came from Minister Tolley's office.

A leap of faith par excellence!

If any single participant was motivated to make the very embarrassing revelation public, I might have headed my list of suspects from the bunch of morons still proudly claiming to be leaders together on a signboard at The Hilltop on highway seventy five.
One of those pictured is the retired to relative obscurity Co-Leader whose ploy in revealing her massive fraud on New Zealand's very generous hand up welfare state as  a political candidate and sometime law student some two decades ago became a serious miscalculation.
Didn't turn out as well as hoped leaving the other emasculated Co-Leader in limbo if you will.

Now if any single person could have been willing to risk their career in "leaking" the sensitive information about the very comfortably off by any standards, Winston First' s acceptance of more public money than entitled to, it could have been an evangelical follower of The Melons, in a stupid attempt to deflect damaging revelations from Saint Me Tu and her well publicised frauds.

Why would I think that, well I do not think for a moment M's Me Tu is gone for good, she has merely made a strategic withdrawal to re-emerge after the election to her rightful place at the trough and having 'Winnie' take a bit of heat seems entirely understandable as current tactics.

She is still being displayed as the face of the Melons, LoL.

Monday, August 28, 2017

Worth Stealing

from Andrew Bolt

Et Tu(rei) Winston?

According to journos Melanie Reid and Tim Murphy, Winston Peters is in a spot of real bother over benefit fraud.

It appears Mr Peters falsified his original application for NZ Super by stating he was single when in fact he was living in a defacto relationship and benefited from the falsification for a number of years. There seems little difference between this falsification and that confessed to by forgotten but not yet gone Metiria Turei.

At first he flatly denied the allegations but within twenty four hours back flipped and confirmed they are true.

Of course the issue that will be ignored is why on earth two fabulously wealthy people like Peters and Trotman receive NZ Super in the first place.

If the gummint wants to solve the so called affordability of NZ Super problem, all it has to do is cut off access from MPs and former MPs who already are receiving generous payments from the parliamentary super scheme.  There are literally hundreds of them.

Friday, August 25, 2017


Socialists are off again chasing a backfiring car that has "rail"  writ large on the doors.

Taxcinda Hardearned is gunna build a commuter service from AKL  to TGA that is implied to be fast rail for $20 million, first up  she is dreamin.
On the existing track with major disruption to a service Tauranga Port claim is running at high capacity to serve the port it would require at least a sum of that magnitude to put tilt trains on that line cpable of speeds of 160 Kph.
That is not what most think of as "fast trains".

Then there is Winston first who wants a squanderous upgrade of the Auckland Whangarei Rail link to put more freight through  North Port.

Today The Melons want light rail from Wellington Station to the Airport for a paltry $700 000 000 at a cost benefit Ratio of  .05.
This from the same mob of economic wizards who decry the BCR for Transmission gully of .06. At least there is a massive number of current road users who are forced to use an archaic and dangerous coastal route who will benefit from the northern motorway.
A light rail link Wellington Station to Kilbirnie will benefit who and how many, even the pollies with their taxi chits wont use it, unless of course there is a TV crew looking for a next opportunity to do their Media Party stuff.

For high volume traffic A to B rail  has limited advantages but in a nation of four million sparsely spread and geographically challenged, any new rail is doomed to be expensive and will only survive with  massive cross subsidy.
It is rare that a delivery is A to B, people, places, and targets just do not compute.
Once  a fortnight 20 000 or so might wish to go to Eden Park but there will be thousands of different start points most not even near existing rail lines
A container of weetbix will go from the New World /Pak n Save warehouse, possibly more than once a day but it is to be delivered to many of their retail outlets across the City again nowhere near rail.

Name one place where modern rail built in the last two decdes to service a population even remotely resembling NZ anywhere in the nation that breaks even let alone show a profit?

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Thursday, August 24, 2017

NZ Politics - Animal Farm????

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It is election time and we still have free speech.

Yesterday, and I paraphrase, ACT leader and Epsom candidate suggested one of Winston First acolytes might be talking rubbish.

At the Business NZ Conference Richard Prosser delivered a desire that a Winston First supported government would nationlise the Power Companies, yes that was what he delivered, to which Seymour in a later address dropped an "F" bomb.

Basics Mr Prosser.
Even if you toss every tenet of business fairness and long standing ethical treatment of investors who will include many of your support demographic out with the bath water, such nonsense will fail to garner a single vote.
Where to find the sum equal to every dollar of the prefu surplus announced yesterday to finance your wet dream.
What bit about the 51% partially owned companies delivering better returns to the State than they could find as wholly state owned can you not grasp.
It was the melons and Labour who at the time of the floats warned the shares in the 49% could be forcibly retaken at cost.
And that bit of economic stupidity made it easier for the pledge and for a seriously advantaged price for investors
Seymour summed up very well as to how a man who presents in a less than ideal physical condition could manage a Ministerial appointment, along with the already adequately exhibited deficit as an economic wizard
If that is the level of a Tosser's  economic awareness  then he is somewhat special needs, but they are a good fit with "The Boss" as history  reveals regularly with a seemingly endless entourage of the inadequate.

Those National supporters who are dismayed at recent form of their government need to rethink what a protest vote to Winston First will deliver.

Update, this was written before reading the later comments on Veteran's post.

Update two, The Winston bit of Winston First has explained and as Slater has as a central belief, explaining is losing.
They will not buy back at cost they will go into the market and buy, now my Mercury (Mighty River) became further enhanced by economic illiterates.
What happens when a buyer comes to the market, well usually the price rises, cant wait.
That is akin to fearful speculative betting on the other team, based on a truism even when your team loses you still  win.

Wednesday, August 23, 2017


Mercury Energy has just announced a record profit for the year of $523m up 6% over last year.    This is the Company whose shares Labour argued were a "Dog".    This is the Company that saw Labour, NZ First and the Greens unite to drive down the price of the share float to the determent of the NZ taxpayer.   This is the Company that NZ First has pledged to compulsory reacquire the shares at the issue price ... to renationalise the Company by theft.

All the shareholders (Crown 52.8%,  Private 47.2%) are to receive a fully imputed final dividend of .088c per share along with a second special fully imputed dividend of .05c per share on 29 September.

One thing for sure.   I suspect few few the estimated 113,000 private shareholders will be voting NZ First.   Peters probably is in sync with Labour in thinking they're are all 'rich pricks' anyway so they don't have rights.  This is Winston at his naked socialist best and NZ First at their naked socialist worst ... and it's not a pretty sight.

The failure that is MMP

United Future is gone.  In the past we had parties like ROC and the Alliance.  Both now gone.

It is possible the Greens could go.  And the Maori Party might want to buy a Lotto ticket too.

Conceivably we could have only four parties in parliament after his election.  That's not what MMP envisaged when introduced.

It's failed for many reasons.  One major reason is the absolute duopoly the two large parties have on virtually everything.  It's one of the reasons why Winston uses the dog whistle so often.  The media is complicit in it: Everything is all about whether National or Labour will win the election, when the MSM should know by now neither will win, in that sense of the word.

And the two major parties will never give away their privileges, and so archaic rules as embedded in the Broadcasting Act won't change, meaning funding at election time is heavily biased towards National and Labour.

MMP has been an abject failure and it's time it went, or the threshold adjusted to, say, 2% or similar.  Having four parties in parliament is just FPP in drag.  We had four parties in parliament after the 1993 FPP election.

Tuesday, August 22, 2017


Deborah Morris-Travers has just announced her resignation as the Green Party Chief of Staff.   She goes along with Jose Debreceny, the Green Party Political Director.

The disintegration of the Greens continues.

Political junkies will remember Deborah Morris-Travers as Deborah Morris, NZ First MP 1996-1998.   She resigned from NZ First in 1988 to become an Independent citing that she could no longer accept the 'perpetual state of crisis' generated by Winston Peters.

Guess what goes around comes around. 


There are certain things I admire about America and some things I don't.   The events of the last few days in Charlottesville VA and the aftermath which saw statues honoring Confederate politicians and soldiers torn down suggests to me that there are elements in the United States determined to airbrush their history from the history books.   

And that to my mind suggests that America still has a fair way to go in coming to terms with itself.   The Civil War is part of their history in the same way that the excesses of the Reconstruction are also.   The tearing down of statues ain't going to change that.   The real issue is the polarisation that exists between White and Black America stoked along by the fact that White America is overly represented in the Republican Party while Black America identifies itself with the Democrats.   In that context it is hardly helpful that just five days ago Maria Chappelle-Nadal, a Black American Democrat Missouri State Senator expressed her wish for the assassination of President Trump.

So, where will this end.   Is Fort Rucker in Alabama (the home of US Army Aviation) and Fort Beauregard in Louisiana, both named after Confederate Generals, to be rechristened.   That would be akin to putting lipstick on a pig (apologies to St Jacinda).   The issues go far deeper than that and cosmetic changes won't solve the problem.  


The iPad I inherited from Swmbo when we  upgraded her's a year ago has headlines from stuff and the horrid still revealed on startup.
All some what in vain really as they rarely get the click they are designed to garner.

This morning they included a doozie that reflects how deeply the horrid has sunk into the swamp

The heads up was for an upcoming panel discussion as to the abilities for Simon 'Bill' English to "be" prime minister.

Did I miss something as I have a recollection that that man has been Prime Minister for eight months following eight years as deputy, occasionally stepping in to the top job when the real one was away and all the while successfully delivering as minister of finance.
The still, inexplicably, number one dead tree print journal needs to discuss his abilities?

Simpson on a unicycle, why not an in depth reveal on the massive and total dearth of proven abilities to Run anything beyond a toilet block, so far publically out there for the poster child they have been indulging in an orgy of mindless drivel on, since it seems for ever.

M's Taxcinda Ardern never held  a job in the world of commerce,
Attendee in a young communist talkfest where the comrade from NZ was elected chairman, then spent time in the Middle East and China
Fill in shift worker at a fish and chip outlet never revealed for time served,
A groupie in the Tony Blair coterie,
A similar position of learning opportunity with H1 and Phil  Goof,
Graduated as Batchelor of communications from Waikato,
Now promoted to the latest contestant in "Survivor Labour", actually contestant number six.

Now there is an investigation for a panel to assess suitability for PM in real time.

Monday, August 21, 2017

Labour Solves Another Crisis........

......... by declaring a crisis when there wasn't one.

This time it's Auckland house prices which Labour have been banging on about for the last couple of years.  Remember Twyford and all his mythical Chingaling speculators?

Now, just in time for National to take all the credit in the key Auckland metro area, comes this news.

"Monthly figures for Barfoot & Thompson, the real estate firm handling nearly a third of Auckland sales, show prices have dropped 3.1 per cent in three months."

I reckon nearly one quarter of all the party votes in NZ will come from that region.

Thank you Labour.  Well done.

Quick! Call The Editor

I rarely look at the ABC because of it's sanctimonious leftist agenda.  However today I did and I was rewarded with this from today's ABC website - a story on livestock rustling.

Stock thefts put South Australian livestock producers on high alert

....and now the sub-heading:-

Calls to beef up legislation


However taken in context Morgan was accurate and a perceived drift to calling such a remark "Hate Speech" is wrong on so many levels.

The rise and rise of the latest leader of The NZLP is nothing more than a perfect storm manifesting as a wet dream for a media no longer interested in bringing news to notice but a bunch of incompetents following a need to create offence as a large part of their relevance in 2017.

Had Me Tu not dropped the anchor into their degraded Dinghy causing a massive leak that threatens the future of that boat  staying afloat, the latest leaders polling would have barely created a ripple. When her support managed to gather in the massive defections who like Clendon and Kennedy Graham saw the massive problem around the smug and unrepentive ongoing aura from the previous dominant co-leader of the melons, her polling became in every way a beneficiary of a "perfect storm". The drift of support being accelerated by the abysmal efforts of the other Co-leader now exposed as totally unable to do damage control as he lurches from ineptitude to muddle.

Whether Gary Morgan's desire for her to emerge from the "Lipstick on a Pig" status will emerge before voters cast their votes is still unknown but she has had a dream run unencumbered by anything resembling a challenge.

There are clues aplenty and should what so many are hopeful or resigned to, come to pass on September 24th, there will be many who can genuinely claim to have never seen that coming.
Taxinda is another accurate assessment of what lies in store.
Of particular concern was the comment from "Water" expert David Parker who is now quoted on two occasions to be warning of punitive measures aimed at  first Horticulture and then Dairy should they  continue to challenge the very light on detail Water Levy. Smacks very much of "We won you lost" rhetoric from another truly nasty Socialist from years past.

Should the storm in a teacup "Art swindle" gain any semblance of traction when it appears to be no more than legal manipulation of electoral law and probably in light of previous contretemps on such matters, will never be highlighted as the total abrogation of the stated aim of transparency, it is.

The timing for the resurgent NZLP is all favourable but apart from the "debates" as a weapon in hand there seems little appreciation from Mr Joyce and his campaign team as to the perils they face.
I wonder if the meme "its the economy stupid" so trusted in other campaigns is appropriate now.

ToP Morgan was on the money with his underlying message but his choice as to how he expressed it, merely handed opponents a big base ball bat with which to strike him, her being a woman and all.