Tuesday, July 11, 2017


Answer .... CC sings it in Limbo Rock ... AL does it in both his Party and his personal his poll ratings.  

Two months out from the election and Labour is polling 7% down on where they were in 2011 and half a percent down on where they were last time round for their worst ever result while National is 3% up on where they were in 2011 and virtually level pegging on their 2014 result.

But it is in the preferred PM stakes that Little is in real trouble sitting in fourth place and behind his Deputy who is widely seen as a political lightweight having achieved  nothing, zip, zero in Parliament.    That is unprecedented for a leader and at any other time he would be gone by lunchtime.   Fact is we are too close to the election for anything to happen.   Labour is saddled with Little as but you can bet your bottom dollar that, unless he can pull off an unlikely trifecta and form a coalition government post the election with the Greens and NZ First and fashion some sort of accommodation with the Maori Party then, dollars to donuts, he is headed the same way as Phil Goff, David Shearer (remember him ... good guy but stabbed in the back by his Party) and David Cunliffe ... and sooner rather than later.

Happy daze.



Anonymous said...

Poles are like boarders......flexible, often mispelt and always surprising you.

Lord Egbut

Anonymous said...

The preferred PM numbers are what will destroy Little.

There is no way Winston will allow him to be PM on these numbers. Never. Ever.

Nick K

The Veteran said...

Nick ... and Winston is on record saying he could never serve alongside the Greens in cabinet ... and of course 'he' is a man of his word.

Psycho Milt said...

Looks like whoever gets to form the next government will do it with albatross Winston around their necks, and Shane Jones to boot. I'd rather it wasn't Labour and the Green Party that suffer that catastrophe - National can have this one.

George said...

Winston is the comic of elections.
Promise the world because he'll never be in a position to deliver.
Pulls in tired old expollies to bask in the imagined reflected glory.
Dog tucker on a stick