Tuesday, July 25, 2017

What's Good For The Goose


"How Legbut Robbed The Blacks Blind In Botswana"

The following is irrefutably sourced from Legbut’s The Bullshitter’s own admissions in his numerous past rantings here at No Minister.  No information was provided by retired or currently serving intelligence officers.

Legut is a socialist
Legbut is a bullshitter
Sociaists are all thieves and bullshitters
Legbut lived for a time in Botswana
Once Legbut had made enough money he skedaddled out of Botswana
Legbut now lives among all those socialist thieves in France

I rest my case.

It all adds up.  All you have to do is join the dots.  Far stronger evidence here than there is for Legbut’s worn out refrain about Trump and Russia.

There needs to be a public enquiry into this scandal,  No, nothing less than a royal commission will do.


The Veteran said...

Sorry Adolf but this time we'll have to agree to disagree. Egbut may sit on the left of the political spectrum but his opinions are honestly held and he can't be criticised for that. He's been there and done that including sailing his yacht single handed around the world. He's great company and generous to a fault. For me and I count it a privilege to know him. One of natures gentlemen.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

I'm sure you're right Vet but the purpose of the post was to highlight the absurdity and dishonesty of his persistent Trump Derangement Syndrome. The same tactics he applies to others can be used against him. Pretty simple really.

paul scott said...

Egg certainly doesn't appear as a gentleman anything I've read of the idiot.

The Veteran said...

Hi Paul ... And you know all about 'Gentlemen' ... If I recall rightly you said in an earlier post that you had a preference for Thai serving wrenches

Gerald said...

"No information was provided by retired or currently serving intelligence officer"
So no information was provided by ANY intelligence officer?

David said...

Gerald, the info was provided by the Intelligence Officers that Trumphler sacked.