Monday, July 3, 2017


Anyone else perplexed with the drowning of possum joeys after a fund raiser hunt involving school children.

The joeys were going to die from starvation and or exposure.

Fly sprays are killing with chemical agents that have the same action as "nerve gas" that was so widely condemned when Syria attacked non combatants in Khan Sheikoun.
 Now at a guess how many think twice when attacking ants, spiders, wasps or flies with organophosphate based aerosols.
The insect dies in most cases from asphyxiation because their organs are locked into a contracted muscular state.

Anecdotal evidence from near drowning experiences often promotes a theory  that death was coming in a state of peace and calm.

As with the recent case of the school neighbour of Linton Army camp being held as so abnormal in having pupils given exposure to actual weapons by qualified and experienced military personal requiring ministerial interventions perhaps it is time to cease with denying reality of life for young minds.

Possums, introduced from Australia where they are protected to ridiculous degrees due in large part to their very slow rates of reproduction, here in New Zealand face no such impediment as they slaughter many species of native fauna, destroy acres of regenerating native flora and are a prime suspect as a vector species spreading Bovine Tuberculosis .
The Australian Possum in NZ is a serious pest that impact widely on our lifestyle both economically and environmentally.

Can anyone point to any such uproar when fly spray is used, often in ways that have zero attention to targeting or concern for other species yet consigning already fatally threatened joeys to a relatively humane end by drowning, is a problem.
Oh that is it, I forgot, they should have called in a vet to kill the joeys with intravenous chemical poisoning similar to how fly spray kills insects.
Too bad all the funds raised went to pay for such convoluted attitudes.

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