Saturday, July 22, 2017


In the UK Labour has now pulled ahead of the Conservatives 45% vs 40%.    Theresa May is a 'dead man walking' (excuse the pun) following on from her disastrous election campaign where she thought all 'they' needed to do was to turn up.    No vision, no plan, no real glimpse of light at the end of the tunnel.    A wooden performance and she paid the price of Tory arrogance.

My prediction is that unless the Tory's dump May and come up with a leader who can connect with the electorate then they will be handing the keys of Number 10 to Jeremy Corbyn on a platter.

And same with back here with the Greens.   The Gucci girl has inflicted serious damage on their brand following her attempt to martyr herself as a benefit fraudster in a particularly cavalier way.      You sense the few rushing to defend her are having to swallow a huge dead rat.   She is bereft of all moral authority and no Party can afford to go into an election led by a political corpse.  My prediction is that unless the Greens ditch her their poll ratings will stall and drop and they will bleed support right, left and centre.

For the good of their respective parties May and Turei should go and go now.


Anonymous said...

Turei indiscretions are are minor and any financial loss miniscule compared with the economic disaster that May is forcing on the is this for a back flip/

Theresa Mays speech on 26 April 2016:

“We export more to Ireland than we do to China, almost twice as much to Belgium as we do to India, and nearly three times as much to Sweden as we do to Brazil. IT IS NOT REALISTIC TO THINK WE COULD JUST REPLACE EUROPEAN TRADE WITH THESE NEW MARKETS.

“If we do vote to leave the European Union, we risk bringing the development of the single market to a halt, we risk a loss of investors and businesses to remaining EU member states driven by discriminatory EU policies, and WE RISK GOING BACKWARDS WHEN IT COMES TO INTERNATIONAL TRADE.

“Outside the EU, for example, we would have no access to the European Arrest Warrant, which has allowed us to extradite more than 5,000 people from Britain to Europe in the last five years, and bring 675 suspected or convicted wanted individuals to Britain to face justice.


“The reality is that WE DO NOT KNOW ON WHAT TERMS WE WOULD WIN ACCESS TO THE SINGLE MARKET. We do know that in a negotiation we would need to MAKE CONCESSIONS IN ORDER TO ACCESS IT, and those concessions could well be about accepting EU regulations, over which we would have no say, making financial contributions, just as we do now, ACCEPTING FREE MOVEMENT RULES, just as we do now, or quite possibly all three combined.

“It is not clear why other EU member states would give Britain a better deal than they themselves enjoy.


“I believe the case to remain a member of the European Union is strong.


Lord Egbut

Psycho Milt said...

The people outraged about Turei not having mentioned flatmates to WINZ when she was a beneficiary were never potential Green voters to start with. If anything, her coming out of the closet on this has improved her standing with potential Green voters - Paula Bennett's carefully-worded answer to the question of whether she'd ever done the same, on the other hand, only serves to highlight how devious and hypocritical the general run of politicians are.

National are led by someone who was caught defrauding the taxpayer, not out of necessity but out of pure greed, and who is very lucky not to be under criminal investigation for attempting to defeat justice. It's comical for you to write about lack of moral authority when referring to other party leaders - beam from the own eye first, and all that.

Anonymous said...

As more comes out about Teletubby's connections one could be forgiven for thinking she was never going to be hard done by financially so it could follow that she was just as greedy as anyone else. That stings a bit given her holier than thou attitude to everything.

I'm not a Green voter (but did respect Rod Donald) because they are increasingly closet Marxists so have no trouble saying I think she is particularly deluded and has become toxic to anyone that respects honesty, integrity and the value of work. That she, and others from various parties probably, will be allowed to blunder on shows how amoral we have become.


The Veteran said...

Sorry PM ... I refuse to accept that having a self confessed fraudster (and never mind the arrogance) is a good look for the Green Party and a vote winner.

The Veteran said...

Egbut ... no backflip by May. She was a 'Remainer'. The people said Brexit. They dealt her the hand she has to play. Your comment has nothing to do with the substance of my post.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

For Legbut a backflip is turning the eggs in the pan. His pan needs turning off.

Psycho Milt said...

Yes, but you're not the target market, are you? The Green Party target constituencies are social liberals, the poor and people who care about the environment. Turei's admission has damaged her in none of those target constituencies and possibly enhanced her standing in a couple of them. For instance, I'm not usually a Green voter (think I did party vote Green once a few elections back), but I have more respect for them after this incident, not less.

The Veteran said...

PM ... interesting that you would have it that social liberals, the poor and environmentalists are prepared to condone benefit fraud. I disagree and, something for nothing, Labour's blue collar constituency (assuming it still exists) sure doesn't. My Dad would be fuming.

The Veteran said...

PM ... and I forgot. Your reaction, as a good Labour man, to the revelation that the father of the child who Turei declined to name thus obviating the necessity for him to pay maintenance (far better the taxpayer pick up the tab) was reportedly the son of a long serving Labour Party activist, Mayor and MP ... the whanau was 'hartley' short of a bob or two.

Paulus said...

The Turei affair is still in its infancy.
It is said that after she called Peters a racist (which he is - but a Maori one) he had her background explored as he promised UTU and found that she was a liar and a fraud, but was waiting until the election to reveal which is why she preempted him.
The father of her child is the son of an ex Labour MP and Mayor of a North Shore borough who we may assume was living with her and supported her in her fraud.
He will be liable for paternity payments for all the years to this now it has been revealed.
She will stay on until the election then leave Parliament with a large MP pension and perks and work with Russell Norman at Greenpeace spouting her vitriol that they both support.
She has badly damaged the future of the Greens as many waverers who may have considered a vote now have serious doubts.
The current Greens supporters will of course martyr her as they would do the same if they could.
Cheat Lie and steal from taxpayers is the now the accepted watchword of the Green Party. - Sad

The Veteran said...

Paulus ... for the record the only 'perks' ex MPs now have is continued access to the parliamentary library and being able to dine at Bellamys where the food is, at best, average. There is no parliamentary pension as such ... included in a MPs package is a contribution towards any pension fund they choose to belong to.

Psycho Milt said...

PM ... interesting that you would have it that social liberals, the poor and environmentalists are prepared to condone benefit fraud.

Well, we do post-Richardson, to some extent. Since 1991, it's been hard to distinguish "benefit fraud" from "making a post-Richarson benefit stretch far enough to live on." Should a future government (one Turei's involved in, perhaps) return benefits to pre-Richardson levels, at which no cheating was required to live on a benefit, I'll be as ferociously against welfare fraud as anyone. Until then, if a system doesn't work properly, people find workarounds - best fix the system, not blame the workarounds.

Psycho Milt said...

...the father of the child who Turei declined to name thus obviating the necessity for him to pay maintenance... a piece of shit, obviously. There should be a law that anyone who meets these guys gets one free punch. And it must suck for a kid to realise that they have a sperm donor rather than a father. Turei refusing to name him, though? Bad, but nowhere near as bad as her position on genetic engineering - "It's a hard road finding the perfect politician, son." In any case, I'd rate that one way lower than a certain cabinet minister using her position to promote her husband's business during an official visit to China, let alone Bill English's various examplars of moral turpitude.

The Veteran said...

PM ... scrambling, scrambling. The Turei fraud has clearly struck a nerve. Would have thought as a good Labour man you would have backed the ex Deputy Leader of your party in her condemnation of her rort. Look, I'm really trying to be helpful here ... I think the Greens would do well to look at someone like Julie Anne Genter who would add both intellectual grunt and real style to their leadership team ... stick with Turei if you will ... it will make the likelihood of a Labour/Green/Winston First coalition government somewhat less likely.

Psycho Milt said...

Well the right-wing mouth-frothing over it has struck a nerve, sure. As I've said previously, it annoys me that supporters of a party whose leader falsely claimed tens of thousands of dollars worth of taxpayer-funded accommodation supplement and was involved in spending an unknown amount of taxpayers' money in what looks like the covering-up of a crime, should be whinging about another party's leader who also took too much in accommodation supplements at a point when she was desperate. If fraud concerns you that much, put your own house in order.

The Veteran said...

PM, we're going to have to agree to disagree and the polls will determine which one of us in right is the eyes of the electorate.


Gerald said...

"only 'perks' ex MPs now have...."
That's not entirely true.
When there was public outcry against the then "perks', including spouses, the SSC simply rounded them up into a monetary value.