Monday, July 3, 2017


Still likely to lead the biggest party available to lead the next government should Blinglish fail again, Andy Little is promising to tax some water uses.

Now in a typically vague policy from his side arm with only a ghost like target, no one knows yet, who, what, where, why or how much.
So far in the absence of any serious investigations or analysis,  a kite flown, when it was a cause celebre back in the autumn over a potential business case for exporting bottled water to Asia when the quantities were distinctly infinitesimal  measured against the gross quantity of water this nation is blessed with, by imposing a levy!!!!

So will the TAX, make no error in fact a tax it will be, be levied on the enterprise and include the gross quantity involved or be levied on a volume actually exported,'.
The TAX will be monitored and levied by whom, and finally will the source of the water be a variable. That is will rainwater collected, a distinct possibility in South Westland where a square meter of collection can generate ten thousand liters of very pure water, will it include water filtered and treated from say the Waikato where some of the Auckland Water Care product originates, or as has been very controversially here in Canterbury be applied to bore water.

Then Mr Little has made assertions that Dairy water consumption will be taxed with the tax then distributed to local bodies to fund cleanup of waterways when much of that problem is generated by urban human and industrial product.
Once again with vote bait levied on perceived enemies of the people there is potential for much conjecture on who, what, where and why and no detail. What about water consumed by dairy farm managers and workers to maintain personal and dental hygiene, washing vegetables, growing a garden, or will it only be applied to Water being spread through an irrigator, shed washing, troughs for animal drinking, what about washing the Ute, Quad, Car and boots.
Another nightmare for the hall monitor, will the water collected from roof and paved areas used for gardens and other non farm consumption be taxed.

During his recent address to Federated Farmers Mr Little said this, "No one ever possesses the earth beneath us" yet water as an extractable component of "the earth" beneath us is now a target for exploitation by central government in certain cases??

Almost every export initiative that sustains this Island Nation's income involves water use whether it be coal, wine, fruit, vegetables, timber, wool, beef, mutton, lamb, fish (lol) and of course the latest poster child Tourism, all consume water and have greater and lesser impacts on water quality and the environment.

Then there is another elephant that could be in the room with potential Iwi involvement, an almost certainty if there is dosh involved and very contestable legal issues imagined and actual surrounding the mirage of the  vote bait.


Allan said...

I once thought that Angry Andy had a modicum of intelligence however his utterances of late have proven that I was totally wrong. It would seem that he has absolutely no grasp on reality and lives in a dream world where he thinks that money is produced by the fairies at the bottom of the garden and everyone should be paid a large wage regardless of whether the Company who is the employer can afford it or not. He obviously has no knowledge of history which has proven time and time again that his Socialist policies lead to despair and calamity. Just look at Venezuela today. Long may he remain as leader of the opposition as he is certainly not worthy nor capable of running a country.

paul scott said...

The water in New Zealand belongs to New Zealanders, as a Nation
It does not belong to "nobody",as in the John Key escape route.
It does not belong to Maori elites or tribal Empire builders.
We can Sell it if we want, leaving established usage rights alone.
Therefore selling it is not a tax.

gravedodger said...

Paul if it attracts a levy for specific users then it becomes an arbitrary and totally unfair tax and using it for political purposes is statist at its most base levels.
Absolutely no surprises who supports it.

The Veteran said...

Paul ... in an earlier post you said the policy announced by your mate Prosser the Tosser was 'insane'. Have you gone insane? Just asking.