Tuesday, July 18, 2017

There's Something Wrong With The Bloody KoolAid (Updated)

There certainly is something wrong with whatever the Australian Greens have been drinking.

"The Greens have lost their second co-deputy leader in less than a week with Queensland senator Larissa Waters announcing her resignation as a result of holding dual citizenship.At a press conference in Brisbane, an emotional Senator Waters apologised to the Australian people saying she had only discovered yesterday that she remains a dual citizen of Canada and Australia."

Today the second Greens federal deputy co-leader in a week has been forced to resign because she forgot she is a Canadian citizen.  This, only days after the dil from Palmerston North resigned because he was a reluctant Kiwi.

All it needs to complete the quadrella is for the skinny Pakeha co-leader to confess that he too, stole a small fortune from WINZ and somehow forgot about it.

This is better than 'The Apprentice!'

Ho ho ho.

Ho ho ho.


Editorial standards at The Australia are slipping.   Cop this!

"Senator Waters said she would discuss her future with her party, but remains proud of her achievements, having recently become the first woman to pass a motion in the Senate while breastfeeding."


Anonymous said...

One could almost believe that Oz Greens have some measure of integrity. Unlike like their openly fraudulent member from Aotearoa.

PM of NZ

paul scott said...

Yes but integrity is optional here, You just can not sit in Federal Government by law, with these dual citizenship identities.

gravedodger said...

I understand how lactation increases the donor body's needs for sustenance, also understand that females can multi task but clearly legislating and complying with the simple single page declaration of compliance with the law was a step too far for Ms Walters. What could be Ludlam's excuse I ask