Friday, July 21, 2017

The Slaughter of the Loons

I'm still choking on my Nutrigrain after reading the following in The Australian concerning the revolving door which is Greens parliamentary membership.  (Readers will recall the Greens lost both deputy co-leaders last week because of their respective failures to realise their citizenship disbarred them from the parliament.)

Well, it appears, as one headline this morning hooted, "More Green Leaves To Fall."

Never has there been a better example of 'rules are for thee, not for me' on the left.

It warns of “stagnant or falling” support in most states based on polling conducted before the shock resignations of Scott Ludlam and Lar­iss­a Waters over the past week after they admitted breaching a fundamental citizenship requirement in the Constitution.The Greens fear another blow to their standing after the furore as Senator Di Natale waits for confirmation he has renounced Italian citizenship.Tasmanian colleague Nick McKim is yet to produce confirmation he has given up British citizenship.
And this
Born-again politician Andrew Bartlett may be ineligible to become a senator for the Greens because of the constitutional trap that snared both its deputy leaders.The former Democrats leader had a paid job as a research fellow with the Australian National University while he was No 2 on the Greens’ Senate ticket in Queensland, potentially disqualifying him under section 44 of the Constitution.
I must say I have some sympathy for the lady who passed a motion while breast feeding.   She is the victim of an entirely brainless and obtuse legal technicality and she should never have been made to resign.  (But hey, I'm not sorry to see these bloody job killers getting the chop.)

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