Saturday, July 29, 2017


The Commander in Chief of the US Military has made a decision just as his predecessor in that role made one that current POTUS decided to overturn.
Now when Potus Obama made a decision after almost eight years of avoiding it, then did it as a Claymore after he had left the foxhole, to admit transsexuals or is that transgender or is that gender fluid, or is that just all mixed up, into the armed forces.

The military already makes many calls to exempt applicants wanting a military career, muscle and bone disability, eyesight, hearing, intelligence, attitude, obesity, health, hell it even discriminates against large people who will not fit in an aircraft seat.
Transgender has a lot of very expensive baggage that the military is well within its rights on basic financial parameters to avoid.
Not knowing instinctively if taking a pee is sitting, squatting or anything in between might just be an impediment to "Yessir".

The military is a fighting force that relies on fit, motivated, well trained people working in incredibly close proximity and cooperation, any deficiency will cost lives and results.

I consider there are many more deserving places those billions would be better employed patching up the collateral damage that is underfunded as we speak on veterans with mental physical and social hurdles they have had dealt to them without a trendy overspend on psychologically confused people with preconditions that the military never wanted to enlist ever.
How many children in UK ended up denied very necessary medical treatment due to the massive sums consumed in the legal and medical bills that little Charlie ate up in a contretemps that always had only one outcome.
Rest in Peace Charlie, sadly that was a terrible hand you were dealt.


The Veteran said...

GD ... I don't have an issue with Gays or Lesbians serving in the military. They've been there since time immemorial and include such famous names as Baron Friedrich Wilhelm Augustus von Steuben, Inspector-General of the Continental Army in the American war of Independence; Lieutenant Colonel T.E. Lawrence aka Lawrence of Arabia; Julius Caesar; King Richard The Lionhearted and Alexander The Great. Indeed, and closer to 'our time' and it was rumored that Lord Louis Mountbatten had a certain penchant for 'cabin boys' which might be understandable given Edwina's fixation on Ghandi (or was it Nehru).

As for transgenders and I note the UK military hierarchy doesn't consider 'them' a problem. What I do find somewhat unusual is the the President should announce the back flip in policy by way of tweet.

Can I endorse your comment re Charlie Guard. Clearly I am not a doctor and I guess there are good and cogent reasons behind their opposition to Charlie's parents being able to take him home to die at home ... but I feel for them. I can understand their grief. There has to be a limit to the Courts playing God. RIP Charlie.

gravedodger said...

I think Homosexuals and Lesbians are in a very different category and I concur with your view.
Transgender are another kettle of fish entirely that the Military does not need in straight cost parameters.
Surgery and hormone treatments to achieve outcomes that satisfy the TG's desires are very expensive and need constant monitoring by well trained medical operators, then add in that some change their minds.

While I accept you are much better quallified on matters military, I come from a position based on accounting and costs while accepting Trump as CiC had every right to countermand Obama's very late call.

Some cost notions I have seen are truely eye watering in an environment where procurements often have more zeros (not the jap fighters) than comrehension allows.

As for Charlie and going home I am thinking he may not have made the hallway after the disconnect and his support was probably not portable and had a queue waiting.

David said...

A tweet is not yet considered on order and the top brass are, quite rightly, waiting for a correctly worded and submitted order. That is probably beyond Twittler's capabilities, so the status quo will stand.

The costs of transgender military members has been estimated at between $6 - $8 million annually. Meanwhile the US military spends over $40 million per annum on VIAGRA!

Charlie Gard could not "go home to die" because the equipment that kept him "alive" would not fit through the door of the house. He should have been put down a long time ago, not left to suffer while his parents played out a public soap opera and condemned him to further suffering.

Psycho Milt said...

Not knowing instinctively if taking a pee is sitting, squatting or anything in between might just be an impediment to "Yessir".

Ha ha, aren't other people's mental problems hilarious!

The "Commander in Chief" (in quotes because he seems about as commander-like as the average toddler) hasn't made a decision or issued a command, he's posted a tweet. I get that he seems to imagine that's how being PotUS works, but his underlings at the Pentagon are somewhat better informed and have therefore announced that they'll be treating gender-confused types as normal until the Commander in Chief figures out how being a PotUS actually works.

And, as David pointed out, what the US military spends on trans-gender people is a fraction of what it spends on viagra. As someone who's enjoyed eating king crab at a US Army mess hall, I'm pretty sure the opportunities for cost savings are to be found in many places, without having to kick out perfectly good soldiers.

gravedodger said...

Bit of a stretch Milt to claim Bradley Manning was a "perfectly good soldier", some might hold a valid contrary opinion on that score.

You consider transgender to be mental illness, interesting. Yes 60% of Tgs exhibit a degree of mental turmoil with a very high suicide rate.

While you give me a nudge for making fun of TGs you discount Trump's claim he had consulted top brass who were reported to be rather dismayed at Obama's effort was all "fake News".

"Gave the order by tweet" dont be devious he uses social media to diseminate information that in a press release would be rewritten to comply with editorial policy before publishing by Wapo, NYT, the Clinton News network, MNSBC et al.
He actually is The CiC of the US military at present, as was The Tool Obama playing the "Man" while his Seal Team six took out Bin Laden.
Now how would the media in the US have handled that bit of abuse of foreign administrated territory I wonder, then again it might just have been a little different.

Anonymous said...

Dodger...I'll pay for your ticket if you have the intestinal fortitude to front this soldier and tell him he's waste of space.

Lord Egbut

Waikikamukau News said...

Psycho Milt, what the military spends on Transgender members is LESS than the amount Drumph has cost the US taxpayer for his weekend golfing trips.

gravedodger, neither a tweet nor a press release constitutes an order to the military. But why would anyone expect Drumph to know anything about the procedure of being POTUS? he is far too busy playing the tiny tantrum chucking toddler.

Waikikamukau News said...

Yes 60% of Tgs exhibit a degree of mental turmoil with a very high suicide rate.

And why is that? It's because of cunts like you constantly tearing them down, denying their humanity, insisting they must piss in the way you approve. It is because all they want to do is live their lives, be treated with the same respect shown to anyone else, but no, you can't have that, you can't accept them, because their mere existence challenges everything you think you know about yourself.

Why can't you just fuck off and live and let live?

Andrei said...

All this shows is American politics is pathological and that the USA is in a state of terminal decline

All that remains to be seen as how much damage will it do to the rest of the world as it collapses because it is quite clear the whole ruling class of that sorry degenerate nation have lost the plot

Any man who cuts his dick off and says he is a woman is mentally ill, its no different from believing you are Napoleon but far more physically damaging

Anonymous said...

Wishful thinking by our resident Putinbot..... If you live your life through headlines and actually believe that a few stupid decisions made by even stupider people heralds a collapse of western civilisation as we know it then you really need a wake up call....have you had a legover recently?

Lord Egbut

Andrei said...

"If you live your life through headlines...

Ever heard of projection Egnut? That is really rich coming from someone whose worldview seems to be entirely formed by the BBC and CNN

Psycho Milt said...

Bit of a stretch Milt to claim Bradley Manning was a "perfectly good soldier", some might hold a valid contrary opinion on that score.

The military prison system is full of gender-normal people. By your argument, this means gender-normal people don't make good soldiers.

You consider transgender to be mental illness, interesting.

I wouldn't go that far. The way I see it, if your mind and physical reality are in disagreement and you decide physical reality has clearly got it wrong, it's a lot more likely that you have a mental problem than that physical reality really has got it wrong, because physical reality is the gold standard for... well, reality. However, that's not necessarily a big deal - if physical reality made you male and you decide you're going to make yourself look and sound like a woman from now on, I can take the hint and play along, and nobody's the worse off for it. A mental "illness" on the other hand suggests something that needs treatment.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

John Wayne had the last word on this one.

"A guy who cuts off his pecker turns into a guy who cut off his pecker."

David said...

How unsurprising that Adolf should quote another of his clay footed heroes.

John Wayne was a hard-nosed Marine sergeant, a naval lieutenant and a commander of an airborne battalion during the invasion of Normandy. But those were his movies. Wayne never served a day in the US military.

Just like his other hero, Donnie From Queens draft dodgers all.

Anonymous said...

Its all a bit sad really when you think about the number of soldiers who involuntarily lost their bollocks by stepping on a mine.
I'll save my sympathy for them, not the ones who premptively cut and countersink and have a breakfast of hormone drugs to maintain the delusion.