Tuesday, July 4, 2017


Gravedodger in his post nailed it.   The proposal by Labour, the Greens and NZ First to put a tax on water is proof positive that the lunatics in those parties have well and truly taken control of the asylum.

Talk about letting the Genie out of the bottle and going where Angels fear to tread ... this takes the cake.   The introduction of such a tax and dollars to donuts the 'wide boys' in Maoridom will be lining up in droves to take a case to the Waitangi Tribunal demanding a share of the take ... and it won't stop at bottled water ... it's but a small step to extend that to where water is a component in each and every industry producing a product for sale.

You can sorta understand Labour and Greens promoting this.    The Genie is 'their' Genie and one can understand their promotion of this as a payback to Maoridom for their support.   But NZ First with all their rabbiting on about co-governance and here they are promoting a tax that will provide a cashbox for Maori doing nothing.    You would think they would know better but when you go down the populist pathway it's more often the case of 'never mind the quality (of the decision making), feel the width'.

But perhaps I am expecting too much from Party where the leadership team is all Maori.   Perhaps, just perhaps this is part of a cunning plan by Winston, Ron and Shane, to enrich Maori pockets at taxpayer expense.


Anonymous said...
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The Veteran said...

Anon ... I have removed your comment simply to protect yourself from libel action. Enjoy your homophobia.