Sunday, July 2, 2017


The reality is that Oppositions seldom win elections ... Governments lose them (although that mantra is skewered just a tad by MMP).

The job of the Opposition is to convince the great unwashed that the country is going to hell in a hand-basket and that they offer an alternative that is a panacea for all ills, real and imagined.

Their task is made all the more difficult when almost every indicator has New Zealand punching above its weight in the world.   Apart from the obvious ones ... near record low unemployment; low inflation; low interest rates; a budget in surplus and growing; more new jobs on offer (85,000 in Auckland alone by 2021 with Northland, Waikato, BOP, Nelson, Tasman, Marborough and Otago all expected to exceed 2% real job growth over the same period ... source Infometrics Mar 2017) consider this ...

NZL is rated 1st out of 189 economies for ease of doing business (World Bank 2017)

NZL is rated third out of 178 economies in the Index of Economic Freedom (Heritage Foundation 2017)

NZL is rated 1st out of 142 economies in the World Prosperity Index (Legatum Institute 2016)

NZL is rated 1st = out of 168 economies in the Corruption Perception Index (Transpirancy International 2016)

NZL is rated 13th out of 188 economies in the Human Development Index (UN 2017)

NZL is rated 17th out of 141 economies in the Global Innovation Index (Cornell University 2016)

NZL has the 35th Highest GDP per capita in the World (in purchasing power parity terms ... IMF 2017).

So the simple question is why would you put all of this at risk with proposals from the other parties on offer that include shooting every 4th cow; the taxing of water; the compulsory repurchase of shares; bribes around 'free' university education (paid for by the taxpayer); a return to protectionism; reopening of the KiwiRail spur line to Gisborne that makes no economic sense; an acceleration of moves to combat global warming so called to the determent of the productive sector; the abandonment of the NZDF Capital Equipment Programme; the scrapping of Charter Schools and a return to the one glove fits all approach ... the list goes on.

The political pendulum will swing one day but not this time round.   National will form a Government and more likely than not NZ First will be part of the equation.     The real challenge for National will be in 2020.    NZ First will not survive in any substantial way post WRP especially, as history shows us, junior parties in a coalition government tend to suffer more than their senior coalition partner.   Come 2020 and National could find itself scratching for allies. 


Anonymous said...

GDP 2016 NZL=50th....... is a discrepancies in many of the agencies who produce these figures but NOT to be in the top thirty in any of them particularly OECD countries is pretty bloody awful.

NZL does not even make the top twenty in education, truly shocking for the future...

10% of the population own 60% of the wealth....that's gotta change or the eventually the tumbrills hit the streets..

NZl one of the highest prison pops. per capita in the western world...we even beat Yemen and Zimbabwe

Tax is what pays for a just society..Angela Merkel, leader of the free world.

Incidently the world prosperity table by Legatum inst. is subjective and they have no competitors and as with so many of these type of data collectors only react at a distance to events that cannot be checked.

All in all could do better.....

Lord Egbut

Anonymous said...

Don't want to threadjack but breaking news might interest you in view of your close connection to the Royal Military Police...interesting how to see how the Brits handle this same scenario.

Lord Egbut Nobacon

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Doesn't want to threadjack, so he threadjacks.

Never heard of e-mail?

The Veteran said...

Egbut ... Your response to my post. So no credit where credits due then. Question ... Where do France/Germany rate on the same indices. Re your heads up ... Interesting. My close connection with the RMP is now Director of Service Operations for the NZ Police.

Anonymous said...

Out of the 35 OECD countries NZL is 19th with both France and Germany higher

In other words it is in the bottom half along with Spain, Portugal and I said, could do better given our population and huge natural advantages. Mind you I'm sure that the kids on student loans who have given up because of financial stress will be dancing with joy at the $5 million subsidy to Team NZ' new toy.

Lord Egbut

The Veteran said...

Egbut ... and the other six indices???? You cherry-pick pick one and ignore the others. I can accept that Germany is the European power-house economy but even they are behind NZL on a couple of the indices ... as for France with unemployment a tad under 10% and a budget deficit equivalent to 3.4% of GDP (2016) ... nuff said.

Your comment on the $5m to Team NZL is churlish indeed and totally ignores the downstream economic benefits likely to accrue to the country as part of the Cup defence challenge. Even Mr Mallard thinks its a good investment and so do 89% of responders to an on-line poll so not sure where that leaves you.