Tuesday, July 4, 2017


The Government has just announced a $10m cash contribution towards the rebuilding of the Christchurch Cathedral along with a $15m interest free loan with repayment to be suspended if certain conditions are met.     The Christchurch City Council is also pledging a $10m cash contribution subject to public consultation.

The estimated cost of the rebuild is expected to top $100m so that still leaves the Diocese having to pony up in the order of $65m ... $100m for a 'Church' ... give me strength.

The Anglican Bishop of Christchurch has welcomed the contribution as very generous.   Methinks the words 'very generous' are somewhat understated.    How much additional social housing or whatever can you get for $25m?

I don't give a flying f**k that Winston First and Labour support the deal.   This is wrong, wrong, wrong.    For me the 80/20 rule is clearly in play and this is very much a 20 going on zero.


Paulus said...

The Christchurch Cathedral has become a local political, and now national football, led by such as the Catholic Jim Anderton and the so called Mayor Lianne Dalziel.
As a precedent Anderton wants everybody else to pay for the rebuild of the Basilica.
I as a real Taxpayer object that my money is being used to play politics.
It is up to the owners of the church as to how they are to proceed - not bribed to make them look bad in not jumping for joy.
As I like the cardboard one there is no reason that a contemporary one would not be aesthetically pleasing at a much lower cost to the Church.
Central Christchurch is and will probably never be the same as it was before the earthquakes - which are still rattling.
Office buildings cannot find tenants as staff now in the perimeters will not work there again.

Ciaron said...

This is what hacks me off about the situation. There seem to e to be three main groups:

1/ the Diocese.
2/ the Preservationists
3/ the Fiscally Prudent.

If 2, that aren't also 1 would STFU and GTFO, 1 could get on with it and 1 & 3 would be happy.

I don't think it's fair for 3 to be critical of 1, when 2 demand outcomes.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

I have to agree with you vet.

Next thing you know the Ngati Abdulla mosque will have its hand out for a grant.

The Veteran said...

Adolf ... dunno if the Ngati Abdulla Mosque was destroyed in the quake but certainly the Catholic Basilica was along with assorted Presbyterian, Methodist and Baptist Churches so the obvious question ... why not them too? Answer ... with Jim Anderton a leading figure in the 'give a little/lot' mob ... watch this space.

Those arguing for the restoration of the Cathedral are ascribing to it something it never was. Ok, the Wizard liked it as a backdrop to his 'sermons' but it was never a thing of beauty (like the old St Pauls in Wellington) but rather a second rate replica of some minor English cathedral. A church is a building ... nothing more and nothing less. It's the people that matter and the $100m plus could be far better spend doing 'Gods' work elsewhere.

The government has bowed down to the Cantab squireocracy on this one and I don't like it one bit.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

"A church is a building ... nothing more and nothing less."

Spot on the money, Vet.

gravedodger said...

As a taxpayer being squeezed for a bit of the Gummint $15 million and a rate payer being forced to contribute to the CCC$10 mill for a bit of masonry I am just a teeny bitty upsetty.
Now a Five million that I might see paid back by ETNZ to keep the Wizards in house for now has a good chance of a positive balance of payments.
A freekin pile of Halswell stone owned by a tax exempt bunch of Padres and their handful of .." Parishoners", many who will be negative as tax status, is pandering to insanity and will never repay a cracker to my economy.

I have a mate who hosts as a volunteer at the "cardboard place of worship" who agrees with me it more than fills the needs for tourism and worship.
A function that could have been accomplished by one of the "Skylines" Sir Richie promotes.

The house of worship I attended almost every Sunday during School terms for four years in the closing years of the sixth decade last century was also munted. in 2011 and is fully restored on the corner of Beally Avenue and Victoria Street, AFAIK achieved on insurance and good old Presbyterian application.
How to access OPMs in one easy lesson, " here endeth the lord's word".

Anonymous said...

Veteran......"Your comment on the $10 million for the rebuild is churlish indeed and totally ignores the downstream economic benefits likely to accrue to the country as part of the tourism and culture challenge. Even Mr Mallard thinks its a good investment and so do 89% of responders to an on-line poll so not sure where that leaves you."

Your words on the "gift" of 5 mill for a boat. Just changed the context a bit.

Populism and nationalism are a dangerous weapon that opposition parties cannot oppose at the risk of being "out of step with the public thinking" or thought of as being "churlish".

Krystalnacht was a popular move and had a feel good factor, the invasion of Poland was extremely popular with public. Now should it be a building or boat? Neither...but if I had a gun to my head I would take the building as the current cup races were had NO publicity in Europe or the UK until the last race even then you had to hunt for it. Outside a few aficionado's in the US and the whole of the NZ population it was really a non event.

Lord Egbut

The Veteran said...

Egbut ... I support the $5m for the Americas Cup in the same way I endorsed the decision by government to support the RWC and the World Masters Games with the latter not figuring much in the UK also. The economic benefits accruing the Cup defence are well documented including an estimated 208,000 hotel bed nights for the expected 10 plus challenger crews and their support teams alone and never mind the visitors. OTOH I would suggest the number of visitors who ever went to Christchurch solely to view the Cathedral you could count on your left hand with three fingers missing.

You yourself in a previous post derided the Cathedral rebuild and indeed, my comment about the Cathedral being a poor second rate imitation of a minor UK Cathedral had its genesis in that post of yours.

For what it is worth I believe the deconstruction of the Cathedral with portions of it left in place where people could sit and reflect on quakes and after-mouth was the way to go. I repeat again, the Cathedral is a building and nothing more and this Cathedral was a very ordinary building with nothing much to commend it.

The Opposition parties were ahead of the government in this one and government was playing catch-up. To all of them I say a plague on your respective houses.

There is no established Church in NZL and, even if there were, no church should receive government support to help construct/maintain places of worship.

Anonymous said...

Thoroughly agree......except the proposed economic advantages of the cup are pure speculation due to the bad sportsmanship shown on all sides with their constant recourse to law.

Why aren't the Hoteliers associations and other commercial interests who will benefit from this largesse donating? Why should it be taxpayer funds when a hundred big name companies will get free publicity on the back of this? If the US govt. gave team USA 20 mill there would be an outcry from US taxpayers not to mention the other countries.

At least a building will be stand until the next earthquake and its economic life is measured in decades and not until the next TV commercial.

As you pointed out money is better spent on low cost housing or helping talented kids from deprived areas through higher education.

Church or boat?.....neither

Lord Egbut