Friday, July 14, 2017


David has published a post on a possible makeup of a Labwineen Cabinet after the NZ body corporate deliver a rogue result in November, at

Not only does it articulate the yawning lack of any worldly experience outside the beltway, the almost total lack of any contact let alone actual business participation, and management ability that could ever grace a CV,  it is a parade of sub normal pedestrian largely single agenda driven apparatchiks who would struggle to run a sausage sizzle even if more competent persons arranged the venue, equipment, staff, product,  in an area with foot traffic to sell a single encased  mince bacteria farm.

Now NZ Inc is possibly going to entrust this disparate bunch with nearly 100 billion dollars PA.
It is entirely sufficiently scary to watch the current bunch with all that dosh but at least they have a track record however incompetent much of that stewardship has emerged as a mirage of reality.

Farrar's post should have carried a warning to look away and remove children some of whom will vote or not.

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