Saturday, July 29, 2017


Unlicenced shooter dies in the burnt remains of his home after killing two realestate women on a routine maintenance visit accompanied by a consultant who survived with wounds.

Reports from neighbours of many rounds on many occasions of shooting sometimes in vollies and no one asked questions??

How did one convicted of knifing a dog handler ever get to own what is being referred to as an "arsenal" let alone access ammunition.

Instead of yet another knee jerk reaction to tighten arms laws hows about an amnesty promoting covert confidential opportunity for alarming behaviour to be reported with some sanction to deal to any malicious activity as there would be some of that, human nature and all

As a lawful owner of firearms of some fiftyfive years I would have absolutely no problem should plod make a courtesy call on me for shooting on my rural property that was causing concern to a neighbour. Hell even I get mildly exercised with the echo of my shotty reverberating around the harbour after dispatching a possum.

We keep our mobile home within earshot of sports shooting clubs near Harewood Airport, clubs including Deerstalkers, a pistol group, Black powder and those ranges are probably used by others needing to sight in new firearms etc. Yes such noise emmisions could be of concern to the unaware so Quin Patterson loosing off of many rounds as reported, it is surprising no one asked Plod when at least two properties are reported as within a hundred meters. Remote seems a bit of story polishing for effect or out of ignorance.

One very close to me had surgery some four months ago to remove a squash ball sized benign tumour from the Rt Temporal area of the brain, discovered when a one off epileptic event triggered rapid response. That person is not allowed to drive for one year after the anti siezure meds were stopped after a gradual withdrawel in early July and an MRI confirmed no reappearance of the Tumor.
Living some distance from work and rural lifestyle makes that loss of ability to drive quite onerous but it is accepted, thems the rules however stupid and ott they seem. Even the Neurological Surgeon agreed the cause was eliminated and recurrence probably set to zero, safer in truth than how many out there undiagnosed
Now it is not clear how that prohibition from driving is ordered and or enforced but having been a danger to self and other road users there is some basis, so why not a similar linking of mental health, behavioural activity and lawful fire arms possession, so clearly exposed in the caseof Quin Patterson.

Still much information to be collected before all is revealed in this tragedy.

Tonight media are suggesting Plod visited the killer at his property a month ago where Patterson claimed a structure was for holding "targets" and astonishingly given that explanation Plod did not fire up his ipad or radio and check if the very disturbed person over years that went back to trying to knife an arresting dog handler, had a firearms licence?????.
Perhaps Patterson was toting a "shangai" and some pebbles!!!

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Anonymous said...

Given the stabbing of the Police dog handler occurred in 1983 (in the era of paper based files) it is likely that no alert is currently in place against his computer identity.

I do think the attending cop could/should have put more effort looking into it - the first consideration when investigating a complaint of firearms being discharged should be is to consider whether the person in question holds a firearm's licence.

If no, you then get signed statements from witnesses clearly identifying that firearm shots are being discharged at the property.

This then gives you grounds for a search warrant to search the property for illegally possessed firearms using the AOS.

Sadly though hindsight is a wonderful thing.