Sunday, July 2, 2017


All Blacks smashed by Lions at the Cake Tin.

O'Brien's swinging arm accidental, Naholo must be a bit soft.

Vunipolo and Barrett just getting to know each other better, Vunipolo could have been a Hurricane.

Cody Taylor attempts charge down.

Northern Hemisphere off side line is middle of ruck, ABs need to wake up but then black stands out more than red apparently.

Line speed and off side play are not interchangeable facets imho. Clearly demonstrated in a scrum, black ball, with half way under the front rows,  at least two Lions backs standing a meter and a half inside the "ten meter line"

Lions do not lie on the ball in a tackle they have become exhausted in leadup, need a little rest.

14 ABs playing 15 Lions made for a more equal game. In fact saved the Tour.

Imagine if it had gone to the ABs by 3 points, Gatts would have trouble getting back to Wales to pack up.

How many others thought George was having trouble getting through to Jerome with the technology, there were times when George seemed bordering on frantic and Jerome wouldn't listen.

Of course it was a red card he had no other choice, talking about it being a maul were premium BS and arms are still needed whether tackle assist or maul cleanout anyway.

Roll on next Saturday,


Anonymous said... sound like that charming Mr Dalton who is up for the sportsman of the year award. Grapes on your weetabix a bit tart this morning?

Lord Egbut

gravedodger said...

Cream on Porridge with salt, thanks Swmbo, nice change from sugar on soggy cardboard from tax doging Sanitarium.

For a fruit fix fresh organic Passion fruit, Fejoa and Kiwi fruit after fresh squeezed orange

Now did you watch it unfold Eggy old chap or is the armchair correspondent confident with second hand bedtime stories.

Anonymous said...

Didn't watch, I'm in a Skyfree pay extra for that here. Sock draw now in perfect shape.

Lord Egbut