Thursday, July 6, 2017


It was simple, homosexual acts were illegal, they broke the laws of the state, convicted , 'The End'.

In my very best 'Mrs Brown',  to Minister Adams, " That's Nice".

In those times, prostitution, procurement, abortion, along with "Idle and disorderly without visible means of support and public drunkiness were also illegal offences that saw parades of citizens appearing before the "beak" on a daily basis.
All leading to criminal convictions now ignored or overtaken by new enlightened law change.

Now the Minister of Justice who bought peace with Bain and Karem and opened yet another can of worms on credit to be settled by future generations has hit another homer.

Men convicted (often wondered why women who nowadays screech for equal rights never faced legal sanction for 'sleeping' with other women) of homosexual law breaking can have their illegal act that brought conviction given the art of photo shopping applied and airbrushed out, it never happened.

What about ladies of the night and their pimps, now deemed by enlightened law enforcement to be legal.
Of course many servicing the men who made those laws, the judges who convicted them, and the police who arrested them.
So will the person who obviously passed snowflake 101 with honours  be asked to put the convictions for those ladies just doing their best in the oldest profession, behind them with a similar post enlightenment act of inanity.

Naturally my speeding on an otherwise empty SH 7 near the Pahau   bridge back in 1978 for exceeding the then speed limit, now entirely legal, will be forgiven and a full refund of the fine with inflation and interest added be refunded

Don't start the celebrations just yet, I will not hold my breath.

However again, "That's Nice". I nearly forgot, election year!


Psycho Milt said...

Bigotry long outlives its official expression. No matter how disappointing you find it that a minority you still feel contempt for is having its oppression recognised and some trivial recompense offered, most of society no longer shares the hatred.

Andrei said...

What a nonsense this is - everyone convicted for "homosexuality" in living memory were guilty of other offenses that still are offenses

On the news tonight they brought up Frank Sargeson as a "victim" of this law but in reality he was caught having sex with another man in a public toilet and that's the bit they always leave out