Saturday, July 1, 2017


An oft quoted line from Shakespeare's Hamlet is paraphrased with regularity and I have no remorse in applying it to the country at the bottom of the world, well the South Pacific to be accurate.

Every so often 'The NZ Charities Commission" in a further effort to remain relevant attacks an entity as to whether its Charitable and consequently Taxation advantaged status, should remain in situ.

Possibly my paranoia but all too often such attacks target politically motivated outfits that I tend to see some merit in their objectives and activities while many far more politically active with embedded ethos that runs contrary to my beliefs, ie Greenpeace, continue to be Tax exempt.
The Sensible Sentencing trust is but one such organisation I see merit in.
During the years of darkness under Helen Clark, my service club and similar wonderful funders of last resort were targeted and many spent precious hard won funds maneuvering through intense scrutiny from The Commission in search of ways to avoid handing over a share of such funds to the State, reducing worthwhile project income streams.

Now I see a Waikikamukau sports fishing club based in say Raetahi heading to Tutukaka with its six members for three weeks fishing for Marlin, might just be a little suspicious as a "Charity", but requiring international Charitable outfits that raise millions with extremely low overhead costs deducted, such as lions International, Rotary et al, had an appearance of misdirected statist over kill.
Not so with the many actual commercial entities competing tax exempt with tax paying similar entities. Sanitarium at present worrying about a Brit outfit selling a waste paper lookalike Weetabix in competition with the iconic weet-bix.
So worried in fact the tax exempt Sanitarium enjoyed NZ Customs impounding a pallet of the UK product (advisedly) at the border.
Machinery sales is another avenue exploited by players enjoying an advantageous tax exempt status due to church linked charitable creds. Also a local retail outlet with linked outlets in Hanmer Springs and Kaikoura is alleged to enjoy tax advantage with such speculation being aroused by opening days and an employment contract offered to an acquaintance.

Then there is the elephant in the room the Iwi settlement winners. Ngai Tahu with helicopters, bus lines, tourist jet tours, commercial developments as obvious as along the old rail corridors of Christchurch where the rebuild from the 2010/11 earthquakes gave a massive opportunity for market domination.

A trigger for this post comes with Akaroa local efforts to raise millions to rebuild a basic primary health hub that Canterbury Health has declined to pursue due to their image of demand and needs that came from the demolition of the old cottage Hospital.  Ngai Tahu with a main plank of their historical infrastructure based at "The Kaik"  a few Kms south of the old Borough has spent serious dosh on the Marae and its support logistics not available for "the public". An asset  that can have crowds of thousands descend for Hui, Tangi etc with a demographic that could  almost certainly need medical back up on occasion, originally supporting the initiative to set up a basic public facility only to totally withdraw their commitment.
The local Lions meanwhile have accumulated nearly a quarter of a million dollars in eighteen months.
Which out of the Iwi and Lions is more deserving of a tag as a charity.

Is one being disingenuous thinking an entity with in excess of a billion dollars in assets being tax exempt might just be state sanctioned rorting, or could that be rotting.

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Anonymous said...

You are quite right to look sideways at this. I think re-education is required to drive this from you and restore your vision to the clarity the narrative requires.