Friday, July 14, 2017


Green MP Barrry Coates, in a rare moment of honesty, has said that his Party will not be sidelined in any stitch-up deal by Labour and Winston First that leaves them on the outside of cabinet looking in.   It's a line in the sand from a Party sick of being the perennial bridesmaid and having to eat scraps from the Labour's High Table.

While Winston, for his part, has said that NZ First can never sit at the cabinet table alongside Green Party ministers ... and Winston is of course a man of his word (baubles notwithstanding).

That then reshapes the election dynamic.   There can be no 'Grand Coalition' between Labour, the Greens and NZ First (even ignoring the fact that on current polling those three Parties are some seats shy of having sufficient seats in order to govern).

So that leaves NZ First, stripped of its kingmaker credentials, and with its only option (if it wants a hand on the levers of power) being to seek an accommodation with National.

More importantly where does it leave National?   Does it really want to make common ground with a centre-left Party resolutely opposed to free trade and wedded to Keynesian economic theory and a hand-out mentality that many on the dark side of the political divide would applaud.

I guess it all comes comes down to whether New Zealanders want to sacrifice the hard earned gains of recent years in order to turn back the clock in order to embrace all the worst features of Muldoonism.

Sheesh ... I don't particularly hold a great candle for ACT, but between them and NZ First, I'll take ACT every time. They at least don't prostitute themselves on the altar of populism.



Adolf Fiinkensein said...

It all boils down to the question of who is the biggest liar and who has the most Vaseline to lubricate his or her throat for all those dead rats.

My pick is The Greens, being the most unprincipled, the most desperate and the dumbest.

The Veteran said...

Adolf ... final sentence, delete Greens, insert NZF.

Psycho Milt said...

More importantly where does it leave National?

Dependent on Winston Peters if it wants to stay in government. That's the funny part about all the finger-pointing Nat supporters are doing at Labour/Green about current polling - on current polling, National also has no chance to govern other than in a coalition with NZ First. Good luck holding your support above 40% through three years of Winston Peters' antics (and possibly worse, Shane Jones' antics).

Anonymous said...

Oh come on Milt. National are a principled party, they will refuse to coalesce with NZ First. Just like Mr English took a principled stance on never wanting to seek the party leadership again.