Saturday, July 22, 2017


I get real pleasure watching The Open played as it is on a 'links' course where the rough is real rough, bunkers are bunkers and the greens undulating and tricky.   Throw the UK 'summer' weather into the mix and you see golf at its best.   Not for me the wide, perfectly groomed fairways, you see on the PGA tour.   The crowds too are respectful and knowledgeable ... unlike some others.

Mrs Veteran thinks I'm crazy staying up all night.   For myself I find it enjoyable being crazy.

Go Zach Johnson ... a completely underrated two times Major champion.   His 66 yesterday in the conditions was magic.


pdm said...

I watched to about 1am so didn't see Zach Johnson or Spieth.

If anyone is going to catch Spieth I think it will be McIllroy but one mistake can be fatal on that course.

Anonymous said...

Veteran...a couple of posts ago you slapped my wrist for deviating slightly from the subject of your post. My apologies. As Troll Adolf DLT deletes my posts from Friday fulminations I try to sneak them in under your umbrella, although our political views may differ I know that you are strong defender of free speech and abhor censorship by those who have the power to delete at will. Once again my apologies.

Lord Egbut Nobacon

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

There he goes, telling lies again.

paul scott said...

Hahah Egg is a treat. Vet your wife is right, its nuts to stay up watching golf.