Wednesday, July 5, 2017


Minister Collins has released the long awaited report on petrol pricing and just as I claimed recently it will amount to a knob of goat poo and that is an over generous valuation.

Venezuela has the largest proven petroleum reserves in the world yet the retail price of fuel is a very minor problem as the country descends into economic ruin and increasing anarchy due to impoverishment of its citizens almost entirely due to manipulation and interference from its Socialist Governments efforts to make market decisions from their government offices.

Now back to the current matter;
The study built on work carried out as part of an Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) report on the price of unleaded petrol, and considered implications for the New Zealand market.
"New Zealand is not alone in its experience of rapidly increasing petrol prices, but it was right to check the market in New Zealand has been operating effectively. In New Zealand there has been confusing volatility in the price of petrol, so the government is going to increase monitoring in order to further improve the transparency of pricing."

No that is not a response from spin doctors on this latest pacification exercise ordered by a government focused on the election  2017, it is a press  release by then minister of commerce Lianne Dalziel on behalf of her Clark led administration in August of election 2008. History records it made little difference when a certain Mr Key was installed as Prime minister later  that year.

Rather than publish inane rubbish mostly originating from ministerial spin doctors and opposition equivalents, how about some facts on how much Taxpayer funds were expended to make more sh*t up as opening rounds of shelling in the current election year begin to pollute the media landscape.

Oi morons here is the news on fuel prices July 2017, and it is not garbage to equal to that of Lianne in August 2008,
1 New Zealand is a very small market, The SI even more deeply set in that fact of market life
2 There is very little opportunity to progress meaningful competitive forces.
3 The South Island has high costs of distribution, low consumption through many of the pumps.
4 For an entity to go head to head with Mobil, Z now including Caltex and BP would require a very serious eyewatering sum of money with a very long lead time to profits and always vulnerable to being picked off along the way.
5 Gull established in the NZ Market late last century and is still expanding with some significant exposing of market manipulation, a recent example came in Hawera in the Naki revealing a price drop of nearly 30 cpl on the opening of a Gull outlet,
6 Gull is a player only in the NI from its origins in West Straya in 1976, as yet not on this side of our moat.
7 Higher prices only impact  voters when they travel South and many, possibly most, never do that in a conveyance requiring pumped petrol, they fly in, fart, and fly out again.
8 So I ask again can anyone give a reasonable guess at the cost of the latest election year facile publicity stunt.
9 The phenomena is not limited to the SI and Welly, last winter I spent time in Rotorua, out by the Airport, fuel was up to 15 cpl cheaper than on the Main Rd Exit towards The Tron, it is the market and there are plenty of app means to discover where best price is in any area.
Who does not have ready access to a device capable.
10 Akaroa needs to find millions to replace a simple medical facility to augment Ambulance here nearly a hundred kms from Ch public hospital, the money just wasted on yet another exercise in futility to discover facts already readily available even for a Minister of the Crown would have been far better spent there. You never know The Minister or someone she actually cares about might be in town and need medical assistance.

Anyone offering odds that this complex and expensive exercise will not be repeated in three, six nine years from now, I might start a book  offering 1/1.01.


Noel said...

gravedodger said...

Sad Noel, no debate, just use some other scribble that is already available to all.

Yes Fuel affects many and Big Oil a convenient target.

The Market has many who take advantage and most are avoidable yet the squealing Government and their local body minions are front and center to overcharge and under deliver to their respective captive catchment.

The only news here is it is election year so we must be seen to be doing something by the Minister while the tax grabbing and wasteful spending carry right on.

One and a half Billion dollars a year to be spent so the Government can wave a flag in support of a scam called Global Climate Change.

The Veteran said...

The market DOES work. Here in Paihia we have a Waitomo outlet ... 24/7 no fills, self service, no shop and for the last ten weeks unleaded 91 has been 1.779c/lr. 500m away and our only other outlet (Caltex) has been retailing its product at 1.819/ltr for the same time. It too is 24/7 and has a retail outlet. It's 'advantage' over Waitomo is that it offers a 6c/ltr discount on the presentation of an AA card for purchases in excess of $40. I support Waitomo in spite of that.

22k away in Keri2 the big outlets there (Caltex & BP) are a constant 20c/ltr dearer than our Waitomo outlet. Before they (Waitomo) came to town Caltex here was a couple of cents/litre dearer than their Keri2 counterpart.

The advantages of 'real' competition. Go Waitomo.

The Government has no need to regulate petrol prices and neither they should.