Tuesday, July 4, 2017


A central basic foundation of justice as developed by western democracy is an open court and decisions exposed to the disinfectant of sunlight.

On Sunday a "rugby court" heard evidence on  two cases of alleged thuggery resulting from the too often niggly contest, from the previous evening.

One became fairly open and shut when the perpetrator pled guilty to a charge that TV replays had made trial by jury almost impossible, Defendant Williams got his beans with a stand down of four weeks. A decision very few would quibble with

The second case defended involved a blight on the game with many, far too many, acts that mostly escape sanction in the heat of battle, yet very effective at reducing a players effectiveness if not causing longer term outcomes in a part of Rugby officialdom is apparently addressing with a fervour.

Attacking the head, tackling a player in the air, no arms tackles and entry to the breakdown with no attempt to bind are all under very close scrutiny in the southern rugby showcase tournament and by association all grades of play. Moves motivated by a desire to reduce the rather serious rates of head injury and associated concussion.
Thirty year old Sean O'Brien the Irish open side flanker in action for the lions, took a cheap shot with a swinging arm  to the jaw of Waisake Naholo in a ruck that left the winger sufficiently wobbly for his medics to have him assessed for a concussion, and a subsequent withdrawal from  the contest.
Cited by a commissioner, to the same judicial body that ruled Williams, having served a fifty seven minute suspension from the game that possibly ensured his team were defeated in the match on Saturday night, would serve an additional penalty of four weeks to think about his red mist act of stupid.
Inexplicably after some hours of consideration the same amateur ruled O'Brien would not be penalised at all for a deliberate and ultimately effective act of thuggery.
Further all deliberation and reasons for what many thought was an equally open and shut case for sanction is to remain secret.
Now that stupid semi qualified people can make utter idiots of themselves is a problem but one that palls into insignificance when their deliberations and all evidence that might exist would never be revealed for scrutiny.

That people, imho, is just(ice) not good enough and merely further incentive for snowflake parents to send their sons and daughters to acting school  run by football associations.

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