Saturday, July 22, 2017


The 'lefts' total inability to let go their KDS was demonstrated yet again this week by the no-name Greens MP who dumped on Key following his investiture as Companion of the Order of Australia with the retort that it was probably pay back for him in keeping 'stum' over the inability of New Zealanders resident in Oz to access the full range of benefits available to Australian citizens.

Give me strength.   It was the 'left' led by Helen Clarke as Prime Minister who rolled over when the Oz government changed the rules back in 2002 and over the next six years did zip, zero, nothing to challenge their decision while it was the 'right' led by John Key who lobbied quietly behind the scenes for changes which saw the Oz government announce last year a change to the policy whereby New Zealanders holding Special Category visas and earning a minimum of AUD53,000 for five years would be eligible to apply for citizenship.  

Get over it people.   Key is better than you can ever aspire to be and yes, I can understand your hurt that someone from the wrong side of the tracks should turn his back on socialism as a pathway to success but you don't really need to airbrush history in order to give effect to your KDS.

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