Tuesday, July 18, 2017


While many are conflicted over Turei and her belated admission,  like 25 years late,  she is a welfare fraudster and her ongoing evident support for welfare recipients having difficulty coping, to commit criminal acts to maintain a lifestyle they covet, things are a little more definite across The Tasman for Melons discovered to be law breakers in another bit of impediment to career.

Will The Greens Co Leader who has been less than a wilting violet over legal contretemps embroiling other MPs, resign , not likely, hell she has as yet made zero attempt to repay any of the fraudulently obtained monies afaik.

Two Australian Green Party Senators; Ludlum from WA holding dual NZ/ Aus citizenship resigned three days ago and today Queensland Senator Larissa Walters who has suddenly discovered she holds Canadian Dual papers has followed suit. Only Australian citizens can stand, vote and sit in Federal politics.

Estimates vary as to a sum dollar value for Ms Turei's frauds with a consensus around $50 000. A sum not that daunting for a totally excessive current income approaching $200 000 pa along with travel and accommodation supplements, until that 50k has a compound interest of say 5%pa added, then eyes might begin to water just a little,  suddenly it's equal to one years salary.

Of course I would say she has no alternative to just resigning with a few shreds of a badly corroded reputation but she will not even see that as a course of reason, entitleitus is a massive part of her adult life. That she defrauded her Taxpayer public, absolutely no surprise, that she came out with the "confession' leaves me firmly in the camp that she became aware she was about to be outed and took her predictable step to minimise the damage.

She is finished as a Lawyer, an MP and certainly in any position of trust and it is all her own fault.
Half as smart as some consider her to be, got pregnant, stole from her fellow citizens through some convoluted notion she was better, and then made no effort to put what was to many a basic little bit of restitution back to somehow sustain a semblance of  the honesty many consider a minimum for one who chooses to make the laws for all and in a leadership role with aspirations for executive cabinet position included, "tell her she's dreaming".

Dont let the door hit her arse on her way out, an arse that most doors would find great difficulty to miss.
Or as was proclaimed by Cromwell;
"You have sat too long for any good you have been doing lately.. Depart, I say; and let us have done with you. In the name of God, go!


paul scott said...

Yes, and to add to that, I notice her "Racist" calls fell flat.
Immigration wary and Democracy people have had years of taunting the claptrap calls.
Racist, Xenophobe, Islamophobe, bigot, stupid, old, uneducated, badly educated, redneck, rural place slur here; and it was good to hear her told there would be a price to pay.
Some brave souls might go over the the daily Bog to see how Bradbury defends her.

Paulus said...

Agreed in every respect - she has not the guts to resign as an MP.
Only Russell Norman will give her a job.
Sadly it appears that her Party Members (not MPs) are supporting her.
She has and will continue to damage the Greens.
Caucus should demand her resignation for their own sakes now !