Thursday, July 13, 2017


Donalt Trump's first Born, unremarkable for dynastically minded US parents, named Donald Junior was involved with an international entertainment outfit his Dad had purchased well before Donald Snr set out to actually become  POTUS.

That meat marketing enterprise took the son to Moscow at the time in the  circus that resembles elections, manifesting as a primary win for Team Trump in Iowa.
By then very clear, that should Trump become the nomination for The Republican Party his likely, if not certain opponent would be Hillary Rodham Clinton for the Democrats in a winner takes all contest. At that time such an aberration for the MSM and their heroes in Team Clinton was unlikely to the point of stupid yet Team Trump had not been told.

A pretty face from Russia and her contacts indicated to Donald Jnr, they might have information that could be damaging to Team Clinton. Maybe there is a person involved in electoral competition who would ignore totally such an opportunity but even so called 'nice' people like Wallace Rowling and Jack Marshall weren't that naive and it was no surprise that Trump Jnr went forward only to discover it was all innuendo, hot air and promptly to discarded and forgotten.

Now the Clinton Running Mate for POTUS, bet no body can remember the name, is calling the actions of Trump Junior "treason, and grounds for yet another impeachment". This from one who was more than happy to accept that Bengazi never happened, Hillary did nothing wrong in setting up her email in her garage to process the classified information that came to her as SecState, highly sensative and secret information that was as easily hackable as a bankcard at an ATM, committed no obstruction of Justice by participating in the wholesale destruction of emails that had been  subpoenaed by the FBI, easily accessed by one remarkably stupid Anthony Weiner, then shacked up with Huma Abedin probably HRC's closest advisor, to the point that the now seriously fatally flawed flake Weiner was more than once asked to print documents from his wife's laptop that included State secrets from the Office of the Secretary of State. An action well outside Weiner's security status, he was afterall by then  widely disgraced for Sexting images of his personal bedroom equipment to unwilling recipients.
Still wondering who was HRC's VP candidate, Democrat Senator from Virginia Tim Kaine, that's who,  what a plonker, a classic 'better to be silent and thought stupid than speak and remove all doubt' candidate for plonker of the year.

No single person, whether candidate, staff, manager or strategist will ignore a dangled bit of dirt in a campaign but might well later ignore it and discard such dirt as Trump Jnr is claiming, however there is a plethora of losers, disillusioned scribes, Democratic supporters who see high treason and a coming beheading on the Capitol steps for every Team Trump member they could gather up.

Truth is there are many more Clinton deplorables to be investigated, Podesta, Mrs Bernie Sanders, BLM leaders, Obama apologists, the transfer to Russia of a quarter of US strategic Uranium stocks, donations to the Clinton Foundation, where and for how much HRC's Porch Dog gets for speaking, the ignoring by Obama in August 2016 of clear and certain warnings Rusian Agents could be threatening the security of US Federal elections,  why,  well then it was a given HRC was going to win, that's why.
That  list is a long one.

"He did what"  well bugger all in truth but it puts a bit of fuel under the boiling pot that MSM needs for ratings.


Anonymous said...

I see that the new FBI American Director, who says he would not do anything illegal outside his terms of reference, is to be selected.
Now that would be a first as historically since J Edgar Hoover set up the FBI nearly all the FBI has been heavily involved in illegal activities and a law unto itself.
Why is this one going to be different ? - I hope
He could start looking at his immediate predecessor and his relationship to the Clintons and Obama.
The smell from the FBI is one of enormous pungency - am not sure that this can be ever cleared up being blocked by lies and obstructions.
We all now that the Washington political system is inherently corrupt so cannot see that this "new broom" cannot be quickly subverted - he is controlled committees created by the corrupt political system of Representatives and Senators and their each corruption potentials.

The Veteran said...

GD ... can I suggest to you that every Whip's Office in our Parliament has a black book detailing information received on colleague and opposition MPs peccadilloes/indiscretions both real and imagined. Many of those accusations will never see the light of day simply because to do so would be to invite instant retaliation in a parliamentary equivalent of MAD.

But there is a deal of difference between that and having a senior member of your camp meet with a representative of a country offering dirt on your opponent. A country which yours is ideologically opposed to; a country that has engaged you in proxy wars and continues to engage you in proxy wars; a country and is the subject of sanctions mandated by your own Congress. I think the word 'treason' bandied around by some members of Congress is perhaps over the top but, if everything as reported is true, Trump Jnr was certainly pushing the boundaries.

There is of course no evidence to link Trump Snr with this latest brouhaha and while you can criticise the MSM as having it in for him with unbalanced coverage this can only serve to undermine his Presidency .... drip, drip, drip and it becomes a flood.

How does President Pence sound?

gravedodger said...

Good points Vet, if this alleged perp had not been the son of Trump, had been a paidup member of the NCAAP and had gone to Moscow in response to a dangled shrimp on The Don under Obama's authority it may have been handled a little differently, just saying.
IMHO it is a bit of a stretch to designate the anglers with Russia as the national entity, almost everyone who speaks there can be somehow linked to the Kremlin but on this with the pond being the Miss Somewhere Pageant and the hotbed of intrigue around the eighteen month election circus is more beatup than omlette.
Maybe more garlic and onions.
Loved the BBC talking head who while sadly admitting it was no smoking gun but posssibly a whiff of cordite???

Psycho Milt said...

Now the Clinton Running Mate for POTUS, bet no body can remember the name, is calling the actions of Trump Junior "treason, and grounds for yet another impeachment".

This may come as news to you, but the USA has laws against colluding with a foreign power to influence a US election. That's why this is news, and why it's reasonable for people to talk about treason and impeachment. The standard for assessing this isn't "What would Gravedodger find reasonable?", it's "What does US federal law say?"

None of the Trumps are very smart, but you'd think even a Trump could ask himself "Is it a good idea to commit to email my enthusiasm for colluding with a foreign power to influence a US election?" You'd think, maybe, but reality does have a way of confounding our expectations.

Anonymous said...

Anon 1:49....

Every institution on the planet can be accused of corruption by the actions of individuals acting out of greed, conviction or sexual favours. However like most western institutions there has never been institutionalised and wide spread corruption in the FBI such as you see in Russia and in some African countries.

As long as you have a small group of people wielding power whether it is a PTA committee or a select committee you will have corruption due to human nature. Now if you would be good enough to supply links to the the widespread and systemic corruption of the FBI.

Lord Egbut

Lolita brother said...

Egg thinks there is no corruption in the FBI, its amazing the stuff egg knows that nobody has found out. Egg's great, we need egg, he makes the day better.
You get to realise yes there are people like that, We are not imagining this.
Its real.

Anonymous said...

Hi Ivan....try Google translate....appreciate the input though.

Lord Egbut Nobacon

Andy said...

Nobody cares!
They all have done it.
The Clinton campaign even meet with Ukrainian officials in the Ukrainian Embassy in DC to get dirt on Trump.
Does "Piss gate " sound familiar?

So get over it and get a life!

Anonymous said...

Psycho Milt

Veselnitskaya isn't a foreign power.
Shouting " Russian" or "Squirrel " for that matter , dosent make an argument.

EH of D

gravedodger said...

Today a leading News outfit in The US is suggesting a facinating answer to a central question as yet not revealed in official sources.

The Russian "Lawyer" in fact was not legally able to enter The US for her "Collusion" meeting with Jnr.
She entered the US on a temporary emergency Visa issued by the Obama DoJ honcho Loretta Lynch.

Of course nothing to see there move along.

Anonymous said...

There are hundreds of these visas endorsed every week and it is reprehensible Lynch did not read the application form where it asked "Purpose of visit".

"To gather information that may skew your next election" Stupid, stupid Lorreta Lynch.

Lord Egbut