Monday, July 31, 2017


Those current MPs relying on the List to see them them returned to Parliament will indeed be talking.   Put simply they are caught between a rock and a hard place.   On the Colmar Brunton Poll and now reinforced by Labour's own UMR poll they look destined to end up with exactly zip, zero, no List MPs.

Andrew Little is toast along with David Parker, their sixth ranked MP and Spokesman on Foreign Affairs, Environment, Trade and shadow Attorney-General, Raymond Huo, Ethnic Communities and Justice, Ruth Dyson, Senior Citizens and Spokesthingy for the South Island (should she fail to win her Port Hills seat) and Trevor Mallard who walked away from his Hutt South seat in the expectation he was to be appointed Speaker..

Little aside and what do they do.   Don't need to look much further back than 1990 when Palmer chucked the towel in eight months out from the election and Mike Moore was installed in his place to limit the damage.   Some differences though ... this time Labour ain't in power; it's now less than two months out from the election and Ms Tooth ain't no Mike Moore.  

Nevertheless 24 hours is a long time in politics and, the billboards notwithstanding, anything is possible and that will be focusing the minds of those five MPs (and a number of others too).



Anonymous said...

The "Hail Mary" pass from Palmer to Moore was just eight weeks out from the 1990 election, not eight months.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if they would do better if Little resigned and they went into the election with no Leader.

Ardern could be acting leader or even Aunty Annette.

Probably wouldn't be any worse result than having a dead man walking like they have now.


Nick K said...

Little is gone. He can't survive all this chatter about resigning/being voted out etc and survive. The only question is who will be the leader and it seems It will be Ardern. This is bad for Nact.

George said...

There's going to be a popcorn shortage at this rate

Johno said...

Nick, Ardern might get an instant bounce from the luvvies, but I think there would be nothing but pain thereafter for her and Labour. She'll be dogged by the fact she has said many times that she doesn't want the job. Then, when she gets to the debates she'll be bad. Unwatchable bad. She's good for bumper sticker slogans and looking all concerned but when it comes down to having a wide grasp of policy I can't see her hacking it. Look at her portfolios - Children, Arts/Culture, Justice. They know she's not up to the heavy lifting in areas that matter - Finance, Health, Education, Housing, Social Welfare.
However I can't see many of the front benchers doing much better so maybe she's it.

Nick K said...

Johno, it's bad for Nact because we want Little to stay for 20 years!

The Veteran said...

Anon 9.05 ... correct of course and now we have an exact repeat except Adern (if it is to be Adern) ain't no Mike Moore.

Paulus said...

Jacinderella will be dogged by Grunter Robertson all the way.
His finger prints metaphorically speaking are all over this too.
Can Helen Clark hold Jacindarella up though fom a distance - ie Auckland.
Did n't Angry get off the plane in Wellington form having been to see Helen who told him to sling his hook asap so she can take over via Jacinderella as her front and avoiding Grunter's backside.