Friday, July 14, 2017


Alas either can garner sufficient electoral support to get power.

South Straya has a history of dreams and dramas to gain a notoriety as a State of The Federation as an enigma to equal that Russian conundrum described by Churchill.
""I cannot forecast to you the action of Russia. It is a riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma, but perhaps there is a key.

Enough of that, this effort is about Jay Weatherall, current State Premier of South Australia who has embarked on a remarkable path for his state that the redoubtable Sir Humphrey Appleby would describe as " very courageous"  Minister.

Not blessed with water apart from the last stumbling flow of the Murray, no mountains to deliver rain from uplift, very little coal of quality, SA has a heavy industry propped up with subsidies and Buy Australia that is unravelling quick time.

Weatherall has moved SA to the head of the queue to be glob I mean climate change moron of the decade.
The last small local electricity generator was decommissioned and power outages are already happening will only get worseror,  as dependence on Victoria becomes fraught as their economic miracle strains to out green SA with the decommissioning of Hazelwood and its 25% of Victoria base load electricity.

Now Elon Musk is looking to sell Weatherall a Battery set to make up the shortfall from wind and solar at night when the wind drops and the sun dont shine.  not just afew AAA s though but billions of hitech rare earth consuming theoretical monsters and that is just more compost to add to the pile of steaming stuff.
 The so far announced battery will run SA for around three hours. and electricity will cost more than many will be able to afford.

It used to be accepted fact that the line between genius and insanity was tissue paper thin and for Jay it is torn only no one seems to be able to get him to see it.


The Veteran said...

Musk is rated the worlds 84th most wealthy individual. One can only speculate how much this particular 'London bridge' will cost the SA Government because right now no one is talking numbers. Wonder why.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

In case nobody has noticed the South Australian government at varing time under Labor's guidance has gone completely broke.

Any remember the State Bank of South Australia and the gigantic economic intellect of then premier John Bannon?

The Veteran said...

Adolf ... I used to work with Des Hammond who was 'headhunted' to help rescue the State Bank of SA and then headed the arm set up to sell all its non performing and failing assets. The South Oz taxpayer paid dearly for that shining example of why governments should not run banks.

David said...

GD, may I humbly suggest you stick to writing about cruise ship passengers clogging up the Akaroa New World, at least that is a subject with which you have a modicum of knowledge.

The last small local electricity generator was decommissioned .... This is news to me as I still see steam rising each day from the local gas fired generators.

...power outages are already happening.... You mean, have happened due to extreme weather events. I am unaware of any recent power outages, other than for long overdue maintenance.

As for the cost? It will be free. Tesla says it will be built in 100 days or no charge and I know a few union blokes ...

David said...

The South Oz taxpayer paid dearly for that shining example of why governments should not run banks.

Government ownership was never the problem.

The Savings Bank of SA was founded in 1848 and operated successfully until is absorption into State Bank of SA in 1984.

The Sate Savings Bank of Victoria traded successfully from its founding in 1842.

The problem came when governments around the world fell for Friedman economics and the idea that there was "value to be unlocked" and freeing government entities from government constraint would make them bigger, stronger, more profitable and thus a free source of funds for the white shoe brigade.

The Bank disaster in SA was less about the government, and more about the grandiose plans of Tim Marcus Clarke to make it a world lender. Plans that included a shiny new headquarters, complete with a 5 star kitchen and an apartment for Clarke's use.

But you cling to the idea that governments shouldn't own banks because they can't run a business and then try to explain why Citigroup collapsed under the weight of the GFC.

The Veteran said...

David ... Governments should not be in the business of owning trading banks for the simple reason that if management makes bad business decisions then there's always the backstop of the taxpayer to bail them out ... and lets not even discuss why Kiwibank needs ongoing taxpayer support to keep it functioning ... let alone making a profit.

The Veteran said...

and David again ... nothing comes free. Pray tell me what they're going to charge for the electricity produced and what the consumer will pay

David said...

Vet, I have no idea what the price of electricity will be tomorrow, let alone next year. We once had a reliable, stable, affordable power generation and distribution system. Each State government owned and operated their own as electricity was seen as an important part of the national infrastructure. Blackouts were rare, usually only caused by industrial action, so the timing and duration was known in advance. Households and business could make plans to ease the pain.

Once the Friedmanites came to town that was forgotten, electricity assets sold off for a pittance, and we have been paying the price ever since.

The National Electricity Market is a farce, a money making cartel that is holding the country to ransom. The poles and wires operators no longer perform maintenance, finding it cheaper to respond to failures rather than preventing them. The generators have spare capacity but will not turn it on until the price becomes so high that they can make a super profit while bankrupting their customers.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

There you go again talking more crap David.

The recent catastrophic power cuts here were caused not by 'who owned the assets' but by your lunatic Labor Premier in his headlong rush to move out of reliable coal fired generation and into expensive and UNRELIABLE wind and solar power.

I know you hate facts but the recent statewide power cut took place before tha storm blew high tension pylons down. The cuts were caused by one factor and one factor only - the abject failure of unreliable wind farms.

An now your favorite dickhead is going to hand Melon Musk $200m he hasn't got for a battery that doesn't exist and if it did would supply enough power to keep the state going for ninety seconds.

David said...

Adolf, facts are my friend, as they inoculate me against the ravings of right wing ratbags.

This summary of events is based on the findings of all AEMO’s investigations since the Black System event, and information published by other organisations.

On Wednesday 28 September 2016, tornadoes with wind speeds in the range of 190–260 km/h
occurred in areas of South Australia. 2 Two tornadoes almost simultaneously damaged a single circuit 275 kilovolt (kV) transmission line and a double circuit 275 kV transmission line, some 170 km apart.

The damage to these three transmission lines caused them to trip, and a sequence of faults in quick succession resulted in six voltage dips on the SA grid over a two-minute period at around 4.16 pm.


Wind turbines successfully rode through grid disturbances. It was the action of a control setting responding to multiple disturbances that led to the Black System. Changes made to turbine control settings shortly after the event has removed the risk of recurrence given the same number of disturbances.

Those, Adolf, are facts. Not fantasy from the lala land of coal munchers, but the facts.

Contrary to your bluster, the loss of transmission lines occurred first, the wind farms did not fail. The only failure with the wind generation was a) Some software settings were incorrect and b) it doesn't matter how much juice you produce if there is no wire to carry it.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

David, you'd better go and read ALL the reports and straighten yourself out.

Here's a hint. From the same report you cherry pick.

"As the number of faults on the transmission network grew, nine wind farms in the mid-north of SA
exhibited a sustained reduction in power as a protection feature activated. For eight of these wind
farms, the protection settings of their wind turbines allowed them to withstand a pre-set number of
voltage dips within a two-minute period. Activation of this protection feature resulted in a significant
sustained power reduction for these wind farms. A sustained generation reduction of 456 megawatts
(MW) occurred over a period of less than seven seconds.
The reduction in wind farm output caused a significant increase in imported power flowing through the
Heywood Interconnector.
Approximately 700 milliseconds (ms) after the reduction of output from the
last of the wind farms, the flow on the Victoria–SA Heywood Interconnector reached such a level that it
activated a special protection scheme that tripped the interconnector offline."

Now the SA gummint has stepped in and demanded that the safety margins for the wind farms be decreased. What that means, dear boy, is that those windfarms are now more exposed to terminal damage from storms. And all paid for by you in the way of subsidies.

Pretty good eh?