Friday, July 7, 2017

Friday's Fulminations

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Waikikamukau News said...

A little light humour for Friday morning.

Trump headed to Washington, promising to "drain the swamp", but he pulled out the wrong plug and has drained all the skill, knowledge and expertise from the administration.

Mr Trump decides to go on a jaunt around Europe, but ooops, someone forgot to book the accommodation. So on to Wotif and AirBNB for Team Trump!

YAY! the nice Germans found a place to put them up in, well away from where the grown ups will chat over coffee and black bread at breakfast.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

If that's 'light' you;re going to have a problem with the people from Weights and Measures.

Anonymous said...

Troll Adolf DLT wrote...." President Trump will be judged on his actions more than his speeches, although I must say this speech was memorable for laying down more than a few red lines in just the right places.. So far, President Trump has 'outdone' Obama on every front."

Except.....graciousness, statesmanship, popularity (unconnected to political partisanship), proven workable policies...Obama’s policies helped lift the economy out of a frightening slump and set it on a path to steady, if unspectacular, growth. In fact, I’d call this his biggest achievement. The scale of the financial panic of 2008 and the extent of the job losses that occurred in the first months of 2009 should never be forgotten. By “a number of macroeconomic measures—including household wealth, employment and trade flows—the first year of the Great Recession in the United States saw declines that were as large or larger than at the outset of the Great Depression in 1929-30.

Obama has been outdone on many fronts none of them favourable to the US presidency.
It would be easy to say, that it is easy for Trump to appear presidential. But he has shown, repeatedly, that it is not. During the election campaign, and since his victory, the Marmalade megalomaniac has shown himself to be anything but. Petty, narcissistic, mean-spirited, bullying and abusive, yes. But not presidential.

Being cheered by a bussed in crowd, whose grasp of English is basic to say the least, 52 times in one speech is not presidential, suspicious yes, presidential, no.

Of course in the warped world of Troll Adolf DLT it is all THAT woman's fault.

Lord Egbut

Paranormal said...

Egbut, Obama will go down in history as one of the worst presidents ever.

You suggest his economic recovery policies have achieved much when in fact the cause of the GFC is still in place. And no the cause wasn't the banks it was the naive banking laws that require banks to lend money to those that can't pay it back. In addition the QE that added trillions of debt is created a massive dependency that will be a lasting Obama legacy. Generations of US citizens are yet to pay for Obamas economic brilliance.

Then there's his flagship policy, the affordable healthcare act that made private healthcare anything but affordable for the average US citizen. Obama meddled in stead of fixing.

Then there's the foreign policy failures he presided over, showing the world how spineless and really useless he was at foreign policy. If you're going to put a red line in the sand you better mean it. If you don't mean it don't put it there in the first place.

Anonymous said...

Not quite.....out of 45 presidents Obama comes in at 23rd worst or 12th best. This is decided by historians who have a lot more subject knowledge than thee or me.

Obama has minus points but his plus's outweigh them. I don't know where people get the idea that the Healthcare act was disaster. Sure some middle class people paid a bit extra to get 20 milllion on affordable health care but that is the US where tax is a dirty word. Which is why the rail system and general infrastructure is falling to bits.

I keep saying it. "Tax is the price you pay for a just society" Angela Merkel.

Nobody ever won an election by promising to raise taxes.....that is now changing.

Lord Egbut

Anonymous said...

Make that 33rd worst....can't count today.