Friday, July 21, 2017


Mr Hipkins has delivered a graphic glimpse of what "free" education should aspire to achieve.

Schools that at present pursue parent contributions of up to a thousand dollars a year at Chippy's Union mates run places of learning to supplement extra curricular activity will receive a princely sum of one hundred and fifty dollars pa if they cease asking parents to pay a donation.

Having school certificate passes in both maths papers mid twentieth century that little arithmetic question will only raise a quirky giggle.
Knowing what my service club contributes to pupils in our catchment to assist with regional and national participation in sport, summer camps, school trips, along with one off Spirit of Adventure, Duke of Edinburgh awards, and Outward Bound applications that bribe will not make the start line.

However as a window to what Mr Hipkins is offering his union masters in return for their carefully crafted manipulation of standards and assessment and allied condemnation of Charter Schools that threaten to expose some of the yawning gaps that the one size fits all, so comfortably accepted as a standard for the State School system, delivers.

Of course it will be attractive to those who will already vote for 'team red' if they actually bother.

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Noel said...

Doesnt cover school trips so keep fund raising.
Im guessung those schools whose "voluntary" donation is around that figue will accept given the increasing number of parents who refuse to pay.