Wednesday, July 26, 2017


In the aftermath of the very necessary Douglas reforms we were technically bankrupt in that borrowings exceeded reducing asset value leaving us precariously placed should the  creditors make the call.
I can only assume having a surname well past alphabetical mid point and taking serious moves to recapitalise and restore income to a level that we could refinance should the need arise, we had stabilised before that became an issue.

To achieve that outcome, swmbo went to work in town while self embarked on a real estate career and we worked the ranch after work and weekends. We did not resort to thieving or fraud we just worked bloody hard for five years and when swmbo joined me in selling up the simples who relied on Micawber to save the day, we made very good progress to reinstate fertiliser status, purchased a herd of two hundred beef cows and got the overdraft into balance, all through that period paid a very large series of tax bills.

The one aspect of that time causing abnormal levels of angst came with the often quoted notion that Real Estate Agents languished in the cellar of respect and trust along with car salesmen. Particularly with that rating including me, as anything approaching dishonest, sly, illegal, fraudulent, or even merely smart was not necessary and ironically the thing that ended a very rewarding fund raising was disgust at the manipulations those who coveted our success and  resorted to such behaviour. The manager of our biggest competitor in the RE environ we worked, appearing before the disputes tribunal over a commission dispute, in answer to a question as to whether he considered ethics to be of any importance, retorted "I do not get paid for ethics, only sales completed".

Well I still get a little exercised when men cheat on their current squeeze, sharp operators take advantage, thieving, fraud, or any other bad some would excuse or gloss over as a necessary to do business, it is just the way I am.
That leaves MT, and how bloody appropriate that designation is when spoken,  who tries to bask in her thieving from hard working taxpayers and her equally nasty denigration of all others who find themselves in need, no house to rent out or other fraud to resort to,  decide to just make do with the hand dealt.
MT had family support, the child's  father able to contribute, grand parent support, a  home able to have rooms rented out, who knows maybe other support as yet not revealed.
Then  admitting to Sober yesterday in further turd polishing, admitting she comes to an awareness of others who resort to lieing, cheating and ripping off hard working taxpayers and does not see anything amiss, sorry that just became a deeper hole and for one who wishes to rule over her fellow citizens, continues to laud and support other thieving scum, it is truly beyond acceptable.

Aunti Annette on "politics Wednesday" with Hosking and Joyce was clearly not in support of such dereliction of fiduciary duty, but manfully sic, tried to not condemn her hand delivered MOU buddy, with a pinhead dance that was in Oscar territory.

Would it be fair to suggest those who might give more rope to the now very well dressed, manicured and spoken, albeit still an unconvicted fraudster on her own admission, will not increase in number but electoral support from others who have not yet reached an understanding  how far her current party have deviated from a compassionate humane belief and deeply held passion to save the environment, will depart with their votes. The coming polls will be revealing as to any damage incurred.
Explaining is losing and MT is a wearable art form, as an example.
She was dishonest enough to steal  from hard working fellow citizens who may well have considered they were too poor to indulge in nationwide politics even though they had an equally deep desire to try and make a difference, yet accepted their current circumstances made such hopes unaffordable and didn't get involved.

Thieving, stealing, robbing are not attributes I wish to see on a CV for someone who wants to work for me and if discovered after I had employed them, they would be looking for another job quick smart.


Anonymous said...

Given that the woman in question has made a clean breast of things I feel shamed into admitting that in the past I have flicked the restaurant receipts for family dinners into the business file, claimed for goods in transit when they were due to be dispatched two days after the end of the tax year. Much to my sorrow I claimed for a motormower to mow the lawns of the business premises...I worked from home.

Love to look at the Dodgers accounts over the last twenty years....let him without sin cast the first stone or in modern parlance..Don't sweat the small stuff.

Lord Egbut

The Veteran said...

The people will decide. I'm in Wgtn at present and yesterday travelled over to Mstn with a colleague for a Hearing. We discussed the MT affair. My colleague volunteered the info that her daughter was a first time voter and intended to vote Green ... Until this broke ... that she feels betrayed ... she probably now won't vote. Is this MT's legacy??????

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Only trouble is Legbut, serial fraud over a long period doesn't qualify as 'small stuff."

She is dead meat.

Anonymous said...

But you, Lord Egbut, aren't standing for office with the intention of putting yourself in charge of the IRD and telling taxpayers not to worry about inaccurate returns.

Kiwi Dave

paul scott said...

Its good when the left go hysterical with the defence that its different when they do it.
And its good to see a major blow to the credibility of the green religion.
Apparently the child was not even in her care at the time.
Plenty of legs yet for maximum damage.

Anonymous said...

Kiwi Dave...believe it or not ministers in charge of departments, whether Defence or IRD, don't actually involve themselves in hands on accounting. This week the IRD next week Transport. They are figureheads and blametakers when it turns to custard and who better to catch the poacher than than an ex-poacher

Troll Adolf DLT.....Your last post is interesting in only one thing. Everything you said about me is wrong even the country. You exhibit all the hallmarks of someone who is immature, almost childish, in your ability to reason. To attack me when I have no right of reply because you pick and choose which replies to show is the sign of a coward and and bully.

Lord Egbut

Jobson Growth said...

And the loudest empty vessel award goes to - That's right folks, the OAP from Akaroa, none other than our dearly unloved Dodger.

What a rattling sound he makes as he strolls along the boardwalk...

Psycho Milt said...

Thieving, stealing, robbing are not attributes I wish to see on a CV for someone who wants to work for me...

Er, hello, you're going to vote for Bill English to remain Prime Minister in a couple of months' time. Don't tell us you wouldn't vote for an unconvicted fraudster, because you've been doing it for years.

On top of that, we still don't know how much taxpayers'money Bill and the other Nat leaders spent trying to cover up Todd Barclay's illegal taping of his staff, but one thing it's safe to assume is that the amount dwarfs the sum Turei might have built up.

Third, a lot of people out there know that what Turei did became par for the course after National cut benefits below the level you can level on back in 1991. It's not the Green Party they're blaming for this, and support for the Greens will reflect that - I predict no loss of support, and a possible increase in support from previous non-voters.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Idiot Legbut

For someone who claims to have no right of reply you have a lot to say.

Go and read the post again and you might see what it really is about.

Anonymous said...

I find it amazing that people will defend their brand of crooks. MT is an embarrassment and has no place in parliament. That she is not alone does not excuse her.