Monday, July 17, 2017

Crooked Polticians

Interesting to observe (cue screams of 'rascist') that NZ's rogue's gallery of crooked politicians is well represented by our darker brethren.

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I hope someone with the ability to dig back into historical benefit levels will calculate the amount Turei stole from the long suffering taxpayers of NZ and adjust the amount by IRD use of money rates to a present day value.

I wonder if she would beat Winston Peters' $158,000?

If anyone cares to identify a Pakeha politician from the last sixty years who has transgressed similarly, I'll be happy to add that person to the gallery.

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Anonymous said...

Add Bill English to your list. He's a pakeha and a leading member of the National Party as well as being up there in the NZ Government. In 2006 or thereabouts he claimed $32,000 for living expenses in Wellington. Didn't get away with it, though. Had to pay it back. Several letters in the ChCh Press about it recently. Must be something in the air in Southland with the latest incumbent claiming $160,000 pa and doing nothing for it.