Sunday, July 23, 2017


The Opportunity Party, Gareth Morgan's poor little rich boy's play thing, is currently polling between 1-2%.    He is attracting some interest as the new kid off the block and from those who would say to the political establishment ... 'a blight on all your houses'.

Just where TOP sits in the political spectrum is a moot although from where I sit it seems that they and the Green Party appear to be singing from the same song-sheet ... albeit a little off tune.

One does wonder though if those thinking of voting TOP have bothered to peruse TOP's policy manifesto ... I have and, if you do, you will come across this doozy under the heading of 'Democracy Reset' being Number four in their list of policy priorities ... "TOP will seek to establish an Upper House charged with providing parliament a learned and independent check on pending legislation as well as a focus on upholding the constitution with (wait for it) 50% of the seats reserved for Maori".

Not even the Greens dare go that far.   Clearly 'he' is serious though and the amazing thing for me is the fact that with this as a policy 'they' are registering at all in the polls. 


Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Perhaps there are only two seats, with the Speaker having a casting vote?

The Veteran said...

Clearly Morgan doesn't understand the separation of the judiciary from the executive arm of government and the role of the judiciary in upholding the constitution (if we had one). Understandable though from a man who thinks Kim Jong-un is God's gift to North Korea.

paul scott said...

If mad mouth morgan can take near 3% of the vote. That equates to a redistribution of over 1% to Nat.