Sunday, June 18, 2017


Number one motorcycle aficionado, lucky dad and besty of the little fat dictator of North Korea received publicity after a sojourn in what he effused about as a wonderful emerging nation has to my knowledge not been sought for comment as the appalling treatment of a young US citizen who was all edged to have been a very naughty boy has emerged.
Am I being disingenuous to inquire why Self appointed leader of a recently formed NZ political party and self acclaimed expert on North Korea has not been asked what the sabre rattling little creep thinks he is doing when his rogue outfit returned a U.S. college student, imprisoned during a three day sojourn from China 17 months ago, convicted of "spying", imprisoned and now released to return to his homeland in a deep coma.

Come on Gary surely you as a besty must know what happened in that shangrila, that has very disturbing film footage out there, of his trial, tell us all so we can better understand that unfortunate nation that is dominating the news cycle on matters Far East.

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