Saturday, June 17, 2017

Where Will The Next Nuke Be? (With apologies to Alma Cogan)

Here’s a fine flight of fancy for you.

Image result for underground atomic explosion

The last nuclear bomb exploded ‘in anger’ was that which destroyed Nagasaki in August, 1945. The way things are heading, it is possible the next one might be set off in 2018.

 Where might it take place?

  • ·         NW Unite States, courtesy of the Norker Porker?
  •           Tel Aviv, courtesy of the Mad Mullahs and their good friend Barak Obama?
  • ·         Natanz, courtesy of Israel?

(North Korea is not considered likely on account of the Americans ability to do sufficient damage using conventional explosives.)

My bet would be on a big bang somewhere in Iran, either at an underground site identified as the Iranian’s bomb construction facility or at the site of their ICBM delivery systems.

By dent of subterfuge and deception Israel might smuggle a 1 megaton bomb into the underground site and set it off.

How could they ever do that? I hear you ask. Well, it might not be as difficult as you think.   

First, Israel gets Saudi Arabia and its Sunni mates to loudly rattle sabres near the Iranian border, maybe even cross the border here and there.  Plenty of American aircraft buzzing about also attract attention.

With an Israeli informer or two inside the nuclear facility, crucial intelligence on security systems and other physical features would allow for the infiltration of a small team to introduce some infectious disease into the air intakes, thereby setting up a panic and the need for many ambulances to evacuate sick staff.  

Along come the Yids with a drone ambulance dressed in Iranian colours, carrying a nice big nuke.  The Trojan ambulance is dropped off by a C130 on a highway fifty miles away and is driven by an operator in another aircraft two hundred miles away.  The ambulance gets past two of the three underground security checkpoints and is approaching the third, close to the factory, when the bomb is detonated and Hey Presto - the Mountain moves to Mohammed.

The good chaps at Mossad break out the champagne and laugh their arses off as they broadcast the news of Iran’s sad accidental detonation at its bomb factory.

By hell, this has got the makings of a best seller!.   Move over Tom Clancy.


macdoctor said...

If there is enough refined uranium available already, it would be simpler to set it off with conventionall explosives. Much lighter to carry.

Alwyn said...

It wouldn't be a Clancy story.
Try Paul Erdman and "The Crash of'79"

Anonymous said...

Try Matthew Reilly's 'The Five Greatest Warriors" where the ambo trick was used AGAINST an Israeli nuclear plant.