Tuesday, June 6, 2017

When Will They Ever Learn?

John Key must be the only PM ever to have got right inside Labour's heads FOR EVER.  Hell, he's not even in politics any more and still they attack him, after all previous attacks have resulted in the attackers' electoral defeat.   I can't recall any incident in western politics ever where anyone did anything as stupid as this.

I hope Mr Kirton has plenty of money.    He might need it if Mr Key decides he doesn't want his stellar reputation sullied by grubby untruths.  (The spend on health increased in real and per capita terms in every year of Mr Key's administration.)

This is the sort of junk one would normally associate with the likes of Bradbury.    I wonder how much it cost to produce and publish.  In one fell swoop, Labour has telegraphed loud and clear to NZers that it is both incompetent and untrustworthy - a stranger to the truth.

Next thing you know, the Democrats will be launching expensive advertising campaigns against Dubbya.


Noel said...

Agree. Why didn't the just say we will again remove Knighthoods if elected.
Works for me.

Anonymous said...

They have it right. That Key got a Knighthood is a disgrace, he simply did what he was paid to do, and made a mess of the country at the same time. More unemployment, lots of homeless and low-wage economy, for starters. Screw knighthoods, what a joke.


Adolf Fiinkensein said...


You poor bastard. That must be why all those Aussies are flocking there.

You live in Harawiraa country?

Anonymous said...

Key was only in power for eight years, no big deal, but a big mess. Why on earth does this deserve a knighthood? Paid politicians should not be in line for such gongs, they are simply doing their jobs, whether badly or not. And paid megabucks for doing so. Ridiculous. Talk about mates in high places. Clark was right in getting rid of titular honours, they are corrupted anyway. As if the man wasn't already arrogant enough! Humble, never.