Tuesday, June 27, 2017


Like tens of thousands of other Kiwis I was up at 5.00 am this morning to watch the race ... even offered Memsahib a cup of tea which she did NOT appreciate.    And we did it.    Little old Team NZL beat the Americans (whose budget probably exceeded our GDP) by some quite brilliant sailing.

David slew Goliath.    I bet that has Big Bad Dennis Connor (Mr America's Cup) choking in his muesli.

Well done guys (and guyesses) ... you're the best.

p.s.   Wonder what was in those Louis Vuitton duffle-bags presented to team members who threw them into the crowd?


Ciaron said...

Yes, great result for the team.
I thought Oracle would would take that race after the first mark, but the ability of ETNZ to carry that extra knot through the gybe, and consequently accelerate faster and nonchalantly roll into the lead was very impressive.

It would seem that last time they made their boat easier to sail to a greater efficiency (greater than ETNZ could), and consequently faster, this time they made their boat faster, and consequently harder to sail.

As an aside, Dennis Conner was quoted as saying he liked the idea of the Cup going back to Auckland...

George said...

Congrats to Team NZ and after the crap that they were served at the last challenge it's good that they didn't go for retribution. let the result do the talking

Ciaron said...

What crap was that George?