Tuesday, June 6, 2017


Sorry Donald ... Statesman you're not and this time you've gone too far.   I can accept you were elected on your promise to secure your countries boarders; repeal and replace Obamacare; withdraw from the TPPA; and your well documented skepticism on the Paris Climate Change agreement.   

But the Presidency is much more than domestic politics and  your ill-conceived and entirely inappropriate twitter attacks on the Mayor of London in the after-mouth of the latest terrorist incident (coupled with your firing of James Comey as FBI Director) has meant you have forfeited my respect as leader of the Free World so called.  

So what if Sadiq Khan is a Moslem.    Listening to him post the attack and he was the voice of reason and resolve.    Trump was the chump who chose to (deliberately?) misinterpret what he said and compounded the error by doubling down on his attack.    Teresa May was right in standing four-square behind Khan.    The UK needs Trump's muddled and confrontational style of leadership as much as it needs another terrorist attack (more about that in a later post).

Then to cap it all we have a Whitehouse spokesman saying the media should not get too hung up on Trump's twitterings.   What are we to infer from that ... that the President doesn't actually mean what he sez ... that it's some kind of innocent musings to be treated with a grain of salt.   Give me strength.
Does Trump not realize the huge damage he is doing to the Office of the Presidency  ... clearly not. 


Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Lighten up Vet.

He didn't call her an "unf**kable lard arse."

Italy seems to be doing alright.

Noel said...

Trump and his supporters intend is to raise the drawbridge to Fortress USA.
No problem with me. One can now split long air travel without setting foot on US soil and Disneyland has options in Hong Kong, Tokoyo and Paris.

As for Trumps tweets he has always known that the first object of a Twitter account for a politician is feed the media who make up the majority of subscribers.
Observable in the many articles that refer back to Trumps tweets.
Only 7 percent of the US population use Twitter so his claim of influencing Joe Public directly are bogus.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Noel I don't think he is raising the drawbridge. Just pulling a few fangs from some socialist sacred cows - to mix a metaphor.

Anonymous said...

Trump is no longer amusing or shocking, he is a clear and present danger to world peace and stability. I mentioned several weeks ago that he would bring the office of POTUS into disrespect along with the news that Corbyn was more popular than the media, from where you all get your info from, than the alt right posters made out.

Veteran.....Mother Theresa may have praised Khan but a few minutes ago he really tore into her about the slashing of police budgets, armed police in particular, while she was home secretary, two days before the election. Bottom line is that if Corbyn had been PM instead of Blair he would have told "W" Bush to stuff his war and we would not be in this mess now.

Lord Egbut Nobacon (No. of posts deleted without trace from Troll Adolf DLT's blog..14.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

And there'll be plenty more if you are stupid enough to stick your venomous nose in where it's not wanted.

Anonymous said...

No, Troll Adolf DLT.....stupid is is not recognising that VPN and pseudonyms make your censorship meaningless.

Lord Egbut

Lord of the Dance said...

Eggie, if Adolt knew what a VPN is, I'd be surfuckingprised

Moist Dianne said...

It's cold here in Israel tonight, need to fuck a few more Palestinians to keep warm.

Moist Dianne said...

תגובתך נשמרה.
ייתכן שיחלפו מספר רגעים עד להופעת התגובה שלך באתר בכתובת הרשומה המקורית.

Vytautas said...

Žiūrėk, komentarus visame pasaulyje.

Mick Dundee said...

That's not a VPN. THIS is a VPN!

Lord Butfaced Egg Nog said...

Hey, Adolf! I can see your lawnmower from here.

Barry said...

I think that Khan was lying and insincere. If people suddenly see an increased police presence on their streets they'd be right to be alarmed. I think Trump was correct.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

I see Legbut is keeping fine company.

The Veteran said...

Some 'interesting' comments on this thread.

For Egbut ... in respect of your nice Mr Corbyn and one could also argue that if he had been PM instead of Blair Clause 4 would be alive and kicking, the UK would have ceased to be a nuclear power, terrorist leaders of all shapes and sizes would have free access to 10 Downing Street, UK voters would not have been given a choice on Brexit, English law would continue to be subordinate to European law and .... and .... and

But it doesn't matter coz he wasn't. I'll be watching the election results with interest. Seems to me a fair bit of Tory arrogance in play coupled with some u turns in policy and the Conservatives may have squandered a once in a life-time chance to consign the Labour Party to the dustbin of history.

Gonna be interesting as will British & Irish Lions vs The Blues tonight.

David said...

Some 'interesting' comments on this thread.

I suspect its Eggbut flipping Adolf the Bird, showing how easy it is to use a VPN. And the way Turnbull and Brandis are talking today, anyone in Oz without a VPN is an idiot. Got mine set up last week.

David said...

Clause 4 would be alive and kicking ... and that would be a good thing. British Labour was a far stronger and more electable party with it than without it. Voters are flocking back to labour because they see a leader in Corbyn, not a lawyer.

the UK would have ceased to be a nuclear power ... which would also be a good thing. That money would then be freed up either as tax cuts or increases to health and education funding.

terrorist leaders of all shapes and sizes would have free access to 10 Downing Street ... so nothing would have changed. Didn't you see Assad visit Tony Blair at No 10? Or Sinn Féin's Gerry Adams and Chief Negotiator Martin McGuinness? What about Joe Stalin meeting with Churchill?

UK voters would not have been given a choice on Brexit, and why should they have? the reason governments are elected is to govern, not to waste millions on opinion polls. Farrage was a one issue show pony and at least Corbyn would have had the balls to take him on.

English law would continue to be subordinate to European law... This is one of the lies Farrage spread. Say waht you like about hte EU, at least it sopped the poms, Frogs and Germans bashing each other up ever 2 decades or so,

Anonymous said...

Veteran..David is quite correct, UK law has NEVER been subordinate to EU law. The Govts own white paper released recently states quite categorically that Parliament has always remained sovereign......where do these myths come from? Thirty years of drip fed poison from the rightwing press and the Telegraph in particular.

It's all here from the crap about bent cucumbers to EU taking over the security services......I commend that everyone saves this and use it for future reference when shouty people delv into the realms of Brexit fantasy..

Lord Egbut