Wednesday, June 28, 2017


While those in NZ who lament the lurch of National to the center left in the face of MMP reality, things seem so much better and more stable than our West Island Cousins are embroiled in currently

At present Tony Abbott who replaced Turnbull as leader of the then Opposition Liberal National coalition  confronting Kevin Rudd then after the electorate handed control to Gillard as head of a  Minority Government supported by a ragtag bunch of flakes that included a Liberal MP who became Speaker and turned traitor to the party that enabled his election, finally by exploiting a chaotic ALP won a strong mandate and become Prime Minister.
Turnbull had never let it go and he then, with a bunch of MPs who it could be said were in the wrong party knifed Abbott because polling did nothing to assist Abbott and his Treasurer Hocky as they grappled with massive deficit buget  figures.

Three years of Turnbull reveals nothing more than a second Socialist party struggling to gain traction over the other, the Union backed outfit led by Shorten.

Now Tony Abbott who remains an MP is being excoriated for destabilising Turnbull, wallowing in polls worse than those he used to justify his "Brutus" act as he tries to out Labor Labor.
Having decided to ignore spending and deficit levels that are graver than those Rudd Gillard Rudd delivered under economic denial on industrial scale from Wayne Swan, are being justified by a piss weak rearrangement of deck chairs hiden by a sheet loosely describing good and bad debt financing from current Treasurer Scott Morrison.

I have a modicom of sympathy for the destructive polarisatin Abbott is perpetrating but everything that Menzies acheived by getting disparate groups of conservatives to join to oppose Labor so successfully is being eroded by Turnbulls socialism and somewhere those who wish viable conservatism to prevail must decide to make a stand. The little weasel Pyne a Turnbull front bencher who inadvertantly made his left leaning no longer a secret in a secret recording at a Liberal meeting in Melbourne where he bragged the "left faction were in control",  Tony Abbott, whatever one might think about his current stand, is facing Hobsons Choice.
Does he stay true to his conservative view of The Australian Liberals built by Menzies or stand aside while Turnbull trashes the "brand".
 As I stated I have some sympathy for Abbott and the dilemma he faces.


David said...

I am staggered by the Right's veneration of Tony Abbott, the man who wanted to be but couldn't.

Abbott never managed the transition from Opposition Leader to PM. Instead of performing as a leader, he still behaved as an agitator. Now, on the back bench, he is no better.

Andrew P Street absolutely nails in Abbott in today's "The Age".

On Tuesday you decided to launch an election campaign where you persuasively articulated your point of difference from your hated political rivals. The problem was that there's no election, you're not leader of any party, and the political rivals at which you took aim was the government of which you are still ostensibly a part.

And it would be fun to play pretendies if you were a six year old, but there's something distinctly embarrassing about watching a 59-year-old man play acting at leadership by announcing policies he can't enact for a prime ministership he can't achieve. Even if its performed at the right wing fantasy camp which is the Institute for Public Affairs, which exists in an alternate universe where it's perpetually an overcast day in 1961 and there's a Robert Menzies on every corner.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Oh you mean THAT Age? The one which ran a nonstop campaign of denigration against PM Abbott, along with the SMH and ABC?

Well it's no wonder you're 'staggered' if you read, watch and listen to all that crap.

David said...

It is the duty of the media to hold politicians to account. The Age and the ABC did that with Abbott, as they did with Gillard, Rudd, Howard, in fact it was PMs held to account all the way down.

It is why the Right always scream blue bloody murder and want the ABC closed or sold, because it does hold them to account. When was the last time you saw an in depth interview with a government minister on a commercial station? When was the last time you saw a shonky retirement home operator outed, or a wage stealing corporation put under the spotlight on commercial TV? They're too busy hounding sole traders to death.