Thursday, June 15, 2017


A  Coroner is inquiring into the death of Christie Marceau who was killed by Akshay Chand while he was out on bail.
Judge David McNaughton freed Akshay to go on and kill while he was apparently unaware another Judge Barbara Morris had serious reservations that bail was an option yet the whole now exposed system failed Cristie and her life was ended. The killer's bail address only a short walk from Cristie's home.

Now plenty will agree I am simple but why oh why does an investigation of events leading to the death of a young woman at the hands of a killer out on bail,  not include a full investigation of the bail award.

There have been too many cases of bailed bad people committing further offences and there have been some that resulted in needless preventable death of an  innocent  victim who trusted the system  only to end up dead. A  killer was on the street yet a coronal inquiry completely ignores a central contributing factor because it occurred as a direct result of 'opportunity' being  delivered by a Judge to complete a trifecta of  'means' and  'motive'.

Listening to Andrew Bolt attempting to understand how three Federal Ministers are being summoned to a Melbourne Court to explain why they should not be held in contempt for daring to question why justice dealt out by the Victorian Courts appears to be more lenient than comparable efforts in NSW,
am I in contempt of the Coroner's court for questioning process that seems  to me to be inadequate.
Crikey there must be some very thin skinned people in Victoria, either from feelings of inadequacy or is it guilt.
So much worse in Cristie's case, she is still dead just now.
Mr Chand on the other hand, is alive and in the Mason clinic, not guilty of murder by way of insanity !After being out on bail for attempted kidnapping of Cristie, telling McNaughton a bunch of lies in a letter then completing the killing with a knife and a hammer while Cristie's distraught mum was trying to get a police response to intruder Chand out in their garden ending her daughter's life.

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