Wednesday, June 28, 2017


Comments on the police/arms post suggest that carrying a firearm in public is reason for over the top  reaction to tell plod a terrorist is on the loose.

Taking that as the new normal and  justified I guess;
All those men who choose the ubiquitous 'track pants' as affordable comfortable warm clothing are rapists going to work,
A Chef in kitchen garb taking a knife to a function in another dining area is about to engage in an atrocity,
Carrying an axe to the car from the hardware store, quick call 111,
An old man raising his voice to tell his hard of hearing missus to wait there is about to give her the bash.

Or is it just possible that lawful activity has been raised by ignorance and alarmist fake news to absurd levels of paranoia.

I am about to head out for milk, mid afternoon in my SUV with bull bars and off road tyres, better warn plod I have nefarious intentions, and it will conform to the new normal for the AOS to stop me and act as the morons did at Dunsandal to bring Richard Lincoln to his deserved date with destiny for merely doing what the letter of the law states he must do to be compliant
Hell I might be a little more alarmed if a dodgy bastard had a partially concealed weapon in his possession, going for a pee, he could be having a pre flight/fight desire to take a piss befor heading to the bank.

Snowflakes of the world unite, Lincoln was being lawful, I seriously doubt Plods actions were as compliant.


Noel said...

Anonymous said...

Great rant, but as Noel suggests buy a bag. Put said firearm in bag when transporting, and put the magazine in a pocket, and the bolt (if you have one) in a different pocket. End of problem.

Part of the ethic of being a responsible firearms owner and user is to be considerate of others, and careful in the use of the firearm. Is it really that hard?

Yes, there are elements in the public and the police that want all firearms gone, and will complain / respond about everything - but, that is not the mainstream of NZ public opinion. If you look at the numbers roughly 1/3 of New Zealanders own firearms, which is a reasonably large constituency.

For all that, as I said in previous article comments - there isn't much public sympathy for people being 'dicks' with firearms.

Anonymous said...

Guilty of gross stupidity. Try that at a Macdonalds in the US or the public toilets near a Mosque in the UK/EU and you would last milliseconds.

A rifle with it's working parts/bolt and mag removed is a club.

Lord Egbut

gravedodger said...

Baseball bats being a weapon of choice for dairy hold ups in search of tobacco product a new gold standard for Scrotes.

Gerald said...

More likely hockey sticks than baseball bats.
Easier for an Indian to claim in defence the stick was just lying around after a game.