Wednesday, June 14, 2017


One News website reports David Seymour calling for tougher penalties for livestock theft in response to a travesty that had perpetrators sentenced to communty based penalties following the theft of sixteen in lamb ewes from an Eketahuna lifestyle property.
Alleged lead perp, a sheilagh, was given a sentence of 100 hours community service??????
The reported evidence claimed the mother of two onsold the meat for $15.00 a carcass.

Current market reports here in Canterbury has fat ewes quoted at $150 a head and in lamb ewes even higher so it suggests it was a somewhat significant discount.
Now it gets massively worse, the sheep were on a lifestyle block so it is safe to asume they were very quiet and cooperative in their demise that left the heads, skins and internal organs for the owners to discover in a bloody slaughter aftermath.

After the Waiau (Kaikoura for a media not concerned with the truth) earthquakes,  Fishery police paid and volunteer, spent untold resources attempting to prevent people taking advantage of the destructive outcome to harvest seafood that was going to be dead whatever happened when the truth was most of those being policed were intent on returning the stranded creatures to the sea.
Now any contravening of the laws protecting Lobster,  Paua and other sea life from exloitation have serious penalties that can include the confiscation by the state powers, of Dive gear, boats, trailers, tow vehicles and any other assetts involved which can become a penalty regime with seven figure totals. Ms sheep thief gets 100 hours of community service that many suspect will be absolved with minimal cost and inconvenience.
Of course in earlier days such an act of illegal activity could involve a neck injury for the perpetrators without any of the time wasting and costs of involving authorities.

The police have little interest in prosecuting such crimes and if the presented evidence is accurate why would they, for a theft of alleged property valued at less than two hundred dollars when the true cost ignoring the close personal relationship involved by the owner,  was ten times that figure.
In a past life I had around twenty crossbred ewes  disappear from our farm. They were very distinctive as it was just after the release of the exotic breeds we were experimenting  with along with traditional breeds. They along with our registered earmark carried a small "V" in the end of the ear that marked them as One quarter "Finn", one quarter Romney and half Poll Dorset which had good feet, good muscle and high fertility. All very evident to one with a working Knowledge of breeding  but to a Plod who  considered a possibility we were taking advantage of an ignorant divorcee and her ex forman mechanic "man friday" elevated to stock manager, decided there was too much doubt and declined to prosecute the well connected "Lady".

So a person who sends minions onto private property to slaughter pet sheep and takes the meat to onsell is sentenced to 100 hours of home based inconvenience, while another part owner of sea bounty that may well be disputed as to ownership can suffer hundreds of thousand dollars of direct loss for removing the food from the sea.
Something is askew methinks.

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