Wednesday, June 28, 2017

That is a Question No One Wants answered,---- apparently?

While writhing on the floor conniptions are pointing out to the more intelligent that McCarten and his grandiose educational opportunity for waifs and strays wanting to study how a mainstream New Zealand Party 'engineers' electoral success with accompanying lectures from current leader, past leader and Uncle Tom Cobleigh, it has absolutely nothing to link the shomozzle to Parliamentary Labour, Kiwiblog asks a pertinent question.


A cost of the educational once in a lifetime opportunity is being hinted at over NZ$250 000.
Now I am guessing that sort of money has not lain un-noticed under a last years diary in a bottom drawer of an unoccupied desk in Frazer House, plus it is speculated that without investments from unions entering the lists, NZLP funds are rather scarce,  has someone done a trial run for Red Russel's printing press, that cemented the marriage of convenience as the "Dowry"

More likely and embarrassing might just come when the mystery donor of in excess of a rumoured  100K  is eventually revealed, it might make sense of the link that Mr Little is in denial over.

I subscribe to the theory of perpetual certainty,  when Martyn Martin, Mat McCarten, Angry Andy, 'Skirten' Kirton and Saint Nigel  are involved, accompanying a distinct quacking from a waddling duck, that duck becomes a prime 'person of interest'.
Subsequent claims of  'Nothing to do with NZLP'  will rapidly morph into dark comedy with a topping of skeptic whipped cream with hundreds and thousands.
About 250 perhaps?


Adolf Fiinkensein said...

The best guess I've seen so far is that the culprit might be one or our darker brethren who has major charitable interests in South Auckland, a big mouth and recent entre to the Labour Party List, albiet a little further down than he would have liked.

Anonymous said...

Oh yes, now that does make sense.