Thursday, June 15, 2017


and that is where blinding hatred will lead.

Since Donald Trump became a contender, then the candidate, and last November President Elect, Democrats both official members  and believers have waged an increasingly worrying campaign fueled by derangement. A campaign that had reached a nadir with an obscure Comedienne posing in a photo shoot holding a severed head by the hair representing a bloody Trump in a scenario resembling the very graphic images of ISIS propaganda killings.
That nadir was overtaken overnight by a deranged shooter with links to the failed Sanders campaign who attacked a training squad of a Republican congressional baseball team, the equivalent of NZ. parliamentary rugby.
Had Capital police not acted with a quick response it would have the potential for a bloodbath, so far the only death is the deranged shooter who, armed with a rifle and a handgun, managed five victims including police, congressional aids and one congressman before being taken down.

Now I am pretty passionate in my political beliefs but I can mostly agree to disagree with those of a differing political persuasion and have so far refused to go beyond debate and a contest of beliefs, my default being to ignore and or depart the scene.

The Gifford shooting was triggered by her support of Obama tightening gun law in Colorado and to a degree personal,  albeit totally beyond the pale.
Events today in Washington was more feral,  random and targeted at a 'group' of Republicans by a Democrat party functionary.
Now that is " dirty politics" in the extreme, but to one who follows US politics not that surprising when viewed against a backdrop of the anti Trump rhetoric that is portrayed daily by disgruntled supporters of his political opponents across America.


David said...

And yet, and yet, in an earlier post you claimed "guns don't kill people".

The Veteran said...

David ... you have missed the point from this and my later post completely. Ok, I'll accept this is a 'good' day for you but ......

David said...

Veteran, since this post, and the one about guns not killing people is by gravedodger, I am not sure what you mean by you have missed the point from this and my later post completely. unless you are sock puppeting on your own blog.

Are you and GD one and the same? Or are you just off your meds?

Anonymous said...

Veteran.....Trump deserves NO respect. The great office of POTUS deserves the respect that he is rapidly eroding. As a military man you should know that you are saluting the Queens commission NOT the man. The failing of that line of thought is that many officers believe they have the right to be saluted and so it becomes crutch for incompetence nad boosts shallow egos.

If guns don't kill people it must beg the question how many people could he have taken out with a golf club? The next question is how many attacks have been launched by the right wing of US politics as opposed to the left wing...Lets srta with the Oklahoma Bombing.

Lord Egbut

The Veteran said...

Egbut ... we are on the same page. It's the office you hold in respect and, by extension, the person holding that office although, as you rightly point out incumbents of all political hues can diminish that respect by their actions. Your point about the Queens commission is also valid with exceptions ... I once had to counsel a Padre who was hell bent on charging a soldier who had failed to salute him.

David ... No I'm not GD and I don't do meds although sometimes the drivel one reads makes one reach for the 'bottle'. Guns may be the instrument but it's the hate and over the top rhetoric that is the driver or can't you grasp that?

George said...

Had Hillary won the election none of this would be happening.
A salutatory lesson for those of us on the side lines.
Trump, in spite of all the allegations, is the President of the USA.
Invoking the fear of the big bad Russian bear interfering with the election is plainly daft as this claim has been followed since before the election and no real evidence has emerged.
Message to the Democrats.
Get on with your lives and theres an election in 4 years.
Work toward winning that

Anonymous said...

George.....If it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck and lays eggs it is highly likely it is a duck but I have no real evidence it is a duck because I'm not an ornithologist.

I leave this sort of stuff to the experts

Along with GCHQ German and French findings it the height of stupidity to write off Russian involvement.....just read the attachment. Also bear in mind if the Marmalade Megalomaniac is still in office there may not be a USA to have another election.

Lord Egbut