Thursday, June 15, 2017

Spare A Thought For The Recovery Team.

As the death toll rises from the disastrous fire in London I will turn my thoughts and sympathy to those who will search through the mess to find and identify those who perished.
In the absence of adrenaline and confusion it will be a task nobody would want to endure.

I am acquainted to a search and rescue Volly who went to Erebus for the recovery operation and it left him a very changed person.

It will be a bastard of a job, I wonder what Bernie Monk is thinking, his people are in their tomb, not so simple for London's Grenfell Tower victims


The Veteran said...

I found it interesting the comment that in the UK the building regulations are predicated on passive containment rather than the active suppression of fires ... to whit no sprinkler system in place. It appears the re-cladding material used acted as a major accelerate and that will be a concern. Clearly there needs to a major inquiry into the tragedy but, in the meantime our thoughts must be with the families involved and with the emergency services involved in the recovery operation. GD is right ... some of those people will be scarred forever.

Psycho Milt said...

This what getting rid of "red tape" and "clipboard wielders" looks like in practice. A few little Hitlers would have come in handy a while back to say "No you can't clad this building that has no fire alarms or sprinklers in highly flammable material with a ventilation layer running right up the building! What are you, a mass murderer?"

Ciaron said...

You have a lot of faith in the competency of clipboard wielders PM... and a few years back, when they were pretty much all semi-retired consultants/builders, you'd have been right. Not sure that's the case now, well, where I am at least...

Anonymous said...

The world as we knew it came to end when they gave accountants computers. Prior to that they were consigned to the back rooms on high stools. Now they run major corporations and local authorities.

The cladding manufacturers made two types of cladding, one was fire resistant. That one would have cost an extra £5000 for the ENTIRE it again and wonder.....£5000. WHICH ONE DID THEY USE? Here's a clue, they used the one that was banned in the USA.

Lord Egbut Nobacon

David said...

Millions, nay billions, pissed up against the war in a never ending " war on terror", a war on a noun, a war that can never be won. Hundreds of laws restricting personal freedom in the name of keeping us "safe" from the war on terror, the war the politicians who make these laws began.

But can we have proper building regulations, laws that actually DO save lives? No way, piss off, get fucked. That would interfere with profits!