Thursday, June 15, 2017


Guns don't kill, people kill,   a long standing mantra of law abiding citizens who understand that emphatic truth.

9/11 killed many and no guns involved anywhere in the crashing of four planes, collapse of the twin towers and serious damage to the Pentagon.
The only firearms involved in almost all the recent terrorist acts in UK were in the hands of law enforcement officers, yet many innocents died.
Switzerland has an armed population yet a very low gun crime rate.

Paula Bennett in a rare moment of realistic resistance to a chorus of ignorant clamour from people who have only a fairytale connection to how law abiding citizens relate to firearms.

I caught the last 40 minutes of Newstalk overnight this morning to hear Timmy Beverage displaying his total disconnect with the reality of what Minister Bennett confronted and then largely rejected from the report of the parliamentary select committee on licensing around firearms. Much of that rubbish reflected the aims and dreams of the new head of the police union. Eventually Beverage confirmed what was a position founded on serious ignorance and snowflake outrage at the Minister's rejection, when he,  in a moment of revelation stated " if I owned a gun"

The police already too often being found wanting in their efforts to deliver basic services would be completely swamped even if their numbers and resources were doubled if the recommendations had been implemented, and Minister Bennett saw that salient fact.

Estimates that only possibly half the weapons in N Z are in possession of licenced people would explode to much worse statistics should the already draconian and annoying compliance regime be extended as moron Chris Cahill wished.
Mr Plod is already in possession of more than enough powers to respond to illegalities around the laws of ownership of firearms but just as with liquor laws, soft targets are so much more attractive than confronting the really bad bastards who have zero intent to suddenly become sweet little law abiding citizens


Gerald said...

Jobson Growth said...

Guns don't kill, people kill is a piece of political propaganda from the NRA.

how about Guns don't kill, toddlers kill?

More Americans die at the hands of armed toddlers each year than by terrorists.

Islamic Jihadist militants - 2
Far right wing terrorists - 5
All Islamic jihadists including Americans - 9
Armed toddlers - 25

I guess those 25 deaths per year are OK that they weren't killed by a gun!