Saturday, June 17, 2017


At Agincourt peak arrow turned the tide.
In Paris in 1790 peak head lopping.
1865 Peak coal threatened the then industrialised world leading to M King Hubbard's theory
By the mid 20th century that theory began to be applied to oil.
WW1 began in 1914 and peak slaughter of soldiers was reached.
The 1930s saw peak famine occuring in Belorus and Ukraine as Soviet economic management ran amok
That human tragedy had peak political killing cementing Dzhugashvili's hold on absolute power almost contemperaneous
The Second World War saw peak ethnic clensing as Shikelgruber's minions industrialised killing of Jews.
The closing decade of the 20th century saw yet another bunch of scaremongers create yet another great  "peak" "scam"  to instil fear and drama among the plebs while it created massive wealth for the few driving the "train", not to mention the enormous political opportunity for more charlatans masquerading as Politicians to exploit AGW as a way to the seats of power

Now Stuff is reporting "peak cows" has come to New Zealand.

Thats alright then because the list above where the world was forced to deal with all those  "peaks"  that a graph makes look so formidable, saw human creativity imagination and entrepreneurial spirit find solutions to end every one.

Little Jimmy Shaw and his wardrobe splendorous Co, think Wellington needs to set up a beaurocratic trough to apportion who, where, and how many cows will be permitted.
What could possibly go wrong, that will be another chapter, for now lets just hope sanity prevails.

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The Veteran said...

Just another Labour brain fart (with all the methane emissions that go with it). At least they didn't go so far as to embrace the Greens call to shoot every 4th cow ... bit like Peak Oil with the Greens predicting it would go to $4+ a litre within the decade. Remind me where it is right now (rhetorical question ... $1.77 in Paihia).

Just imagine it ... Cow quotas able to be bought and sold ... and then some wide boy Maori will lodge a claim with the Waitangi Tribunal for a Maori Quota.

No wonder Little's mob have just managed to hit 26.5%. I guess the good news for them is that they don't have any provincial seats to lose.