Tuesday, June 27, 2017


It is no secret I have an attraction to fire arms that is seen by far too many as unhealthy.

A five shot Browning shotty, a .303 sniper rifle, a .22 semi with ten round mags and silencer for subsonic and another ten round mag for long rifle ammo a .22 magnum to make things very difficult for Possums and vermin with a five round mag and bolt action are  included in a collection that will be dispersed eventually.
 I spent some time  as an Arms Licence adjunct until parsimonious attitude from a well paid salaried officer caused a rupture in employment matters,  Marksman qualifications as a school cadet and later miniature rifle competition participation that saw a 100.10 score included, I am rather self confident  in matters shooting.
So I take any assault on what I believe is a world class system permitting the privilege of Firearm ownership rather personal and recent crusading by the latest minion who succeeded O'Connor as police union rep is causing a serious erosion in confidence with the Police role in fire arms licensing and secure storage of citizen arms.
NZ kills far more people with motor vehicles yet the registration of those is not a police matter, storage and security when compared to fire arms is laughable and there are increasing tales of systemic failure in police handling of weapons security but they pale when stats are compared to vehicle involvement in crime.
Hell their track record in matters of AOS is not exactly inspirational with a barrage to kill animals on motorways, the killing of an innocent victim caught in crossfire in another incident and regular reports of inadequate standards exhibited by armed Plods.

So today a post at Whaleoil on a total shomozzle involving  outcomes when an "E" category licence to own firearms person, travelling from Timaru with a weapon to Yaldhurst to a prearranged appointment  to have work carried out on the weapon, was twice reported to 111 for doing lawful actions that maybe a little confrontational to an ignorant snowflake.
He stopped in Ashburton and went to a restroom for a pee. It appears in total compliance with the Arms regs, he removed the weapon from his vehicle and carried it with him to the toilet, IE kept the weapon secure in possession unloaded in public  at all times.
Further up SH 1 at Dunsandel he was pulled over by a police road block, ordered out of his vehicle and ordered to kneel with his hands on his head, further on accusations of obstructing police was arrested and taken back to Ashvegas Police HQ.

Now if half what is recorded in the Slater's blog summary is true then my case for removal of Licensing and storage of weapons to be removed from Police and handled by The Justice Department needs no further evidence. The police acted with astonishing levels of stupidity, incompetence and totally at odds with the rules of licensing including serious departures from and ignorance of the law and when the rights of Citizen Richard Lincoln are considered, a veritable bonfire of disaster management is revealed.

In the light of what is public around the WINZ office killings is considered  the actions and reactions of plod that seemed so exposed in the ability of Russell John Tully to perpetrate his appalling efforts may have links but this unrelated incident seems to expose matters that needed to be addressed "yesterday".
Disturbing does not come close but do your own discovery and come back to me.


George said...

The police evidently didn't know the law and behaved badly.
Firearm registration and compliance should be taken from them and run by a special department.
One where the 'agents' are aware of the law and have a level of intelligence compatible with the position.
Me, navy trained small arms and rather larger ordinance.
Eight pound and found hunter, culler, possuming and vermin number reducing :)
Gave up the weapons when I came to town

Noel said...

Is this about someone who knew he would have to carry the rifle in public and didn't own a carrying case?

Anonymous said...

When dumbing down is the plan I see no reason to think the police would be exempt. Morons and robots just obey orders and that is what is wanted - no thinking.


David said...

Yes, of course, everyone knows that a person going armed in to a public toilet is simply a law abiding citizen with the appropriate permits. They know, without checking, that the weapon is unloaded. Yeah, right.

Would you feel the same if the man had a long beard, wore a white robe and a funny little hat? I bet not. Or how about if he was brown and had a moko?

If the law is an ass it is in the requiring of the weapon to be removed from the vehicle at a pee stop.

I am sure the reports to police were not made by "an ignorant snowflake", but rather by a concerned citizen who had been terrified by the government and bloggers such as Slater and your goodself about terrorists everywhere.

Noel has it right.

In the days when you could buy a firearm from the local hardware my father bought me a rifle. I was 14. We were on holiday, so I used it a bit. But before we got on the train to return to the city, he wrapped the rifle in newspaper.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Like father like son. Have you been breaking the law ever since?

Anonymous said...

I have read your article and now the original WhaleOil article.

I am a firearm owner, so know the rules around storage and transportation etc.

While Richard who got arrested etc. may have been technically correct he was being a 'Dick' in public, and especially in Ashburton given recent events there.

Perhaps if he had put the firearm in a case or bag, and not had the magazine inserted then he might have had quite a different experience with the public and the Police, and a lot more sympathy.

I am all for the lawful ownership and use of firearms, but at the same time a bit of forethought and consideration of other members of the public deals with 99% of theses types of issues.

The reality in NZ in 2017 is that the days of slinging a rifle over your shoulder and heading downtown to the gunsmith on public transport or by walking are over. Yes, we could do that in the 1970's and 80's but not any longer. Public sentiment has changed.

George said...

I got a Waitangi guard.
So there I was with a number of other ratings and all armed up.
No cop tried to arrest us then and I noted that, in spite of your post, the Navy was entitled to have an armed guard at Waitangi this year.
And noticed the numbers of police who appear to be armed at almost every incident.
You want to pretend to respond to these examples ???

David said...

No laws were broken, Adolf.

And at least I had the advantage of having a relationship with my father.

David said...

for the prevention of confusion and in the interests of self-preservation, please note that the "David" commenting above is not me.

David said...

So get your own nym, I've been around here a lot longer than you, newbie.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Was there not a law restricting the ownership of firearms to those 16 years old and older?

paul scott said...

I know I won't be able to sleep, but I go with David on this one. I wouldn't dream of carrying a rifle around in a city, even with the magazine out. I would just have the thing out of site in the vehicle, regardless of the law. I once turned up to see my friend in Bannockburn, and he was leaving the bloody rifle with ammunition openly in the truck. He had become casual because they are always taking out rabbits. Small bore i know, but still a rifle.

Gerald said...

Adolf said
"Was there not a law restricting the ownership of firearms to those 16 years old and older?"
That appeared in the 1983 Act.
Not knowing Davids age one cannot speculate if it relevant.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...


My father bought me a .22 rifle in 1962. He had to wait until I was sixteen.

Gerald said...

Prior to 1983 the firearm was registered not the user.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Gerald you forgot to read past the word 'and.'