Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Plus ca Change Plus C'est la Meme Chose

Who remembers the B****** B**** Helen Clark who sent the NZ private sector into deep recession long before anyone heard the words "Global Financial Crisis"?   She hid this economic disaster by dent of massive gummint spending to prop up the overall GDP figures.  That's why you couldn't have a tax cut.

Lo and behold the B**** A**** J****** who recently vacated the White House was up to the same tricks, only on a much greater scale.

Here are the US gdp figures for four quarters of 2016.

Chart of Real GDP and Real Value Added by Sector

Note the light blue columns (private goods) were most affected by a decline in oil and coal production, industries which were targeted by Obama for destruction.  He promised to transform America and he nearly did - into an economic basket case.  But for fracking he might have succeeded.

Americans can never know the extent of the appalling disaster they avoided when they dumped Crooked Hillary (the fat arsed jack ass*) who campaigned on continuing Obama's programmes.  Yes, that's the guy who killed more American jobs than Hitler killed European Jews.

(* With apologies to Mr Berlusconi.)

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