Thursday, June 22, 2017


The do as we say and ignore totally what we do principle, is center front for the nasty party again.

Recently during a council debate on the living wage in Wellywood a socialist minion and ex Labour MP from Invercargill was forced to admit that his food service company would be forced out of business if he put his money where his mouth was and incurred the higher labour costs the living wage set. Of course that did not end his unfaltering support for the economic stupidity when he was dishing out OPMs forcibly stolen from long suffering ratepayers and who could still claim to an unaware electorate in the dark about his self serving greed, his altruistic bit of  hypocrisy.

The once grand old NZLP has ranted on for years how the other mob support exploitation,  truely aweful conditions in work places and substandard accommodation that is part of remuneration packages.
Another mantra being sreeched to anyone forced to listen, includes the abomination that comes with offshore interference in our electoral process.
Oh and the way rich pricks screw outcomes by spending their own money.

Well well well, Farrar at Kiwiblog gives oxygen to a tale of revelation in "Politik"over McCarten's latest rorts around the campaign for the upcoming election in September.
Eighty five foreign workers have been enslaved to work for a victory  for Little Andrew's mob.

The questions,;
What is their pay rate? Zero, Minimum, Living?
Who is funding their rather ordinary accommodation and presumably food?
How much income is the "Charitable" and therefore taxfree status Marae, pocketing?
Is not this risking having foreigners influencing vulnerable voters?
When did behaving as "slum landlords" become outside the tenets of acceptable in the cacophany of media claims about rapacious landlords?
Good on Politik but will it lead the Infotainment hour on either channel tonight?

Of course not this is another "beat up" on poor widdle socialists trying hard to defeat the Gnats.

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